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My Teeth Almost Immediately Stopped Hurting
Heroin (Brown) & Alprazolam
by Rye
Citation:   Rye. "My Teeth Almost Immediately Stopped Hurting: An Experience with Heroin (Brown) & Alprazolam (exp59607)". Erowid.org. Aug 18, 2020. erowid.org/exp/59607

T+ 0:00
  insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:38 2 mg   Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)


[Erowid Note: Because opiate use can lead to significant tolerance (requiring higher doses for the same effects), the dose used by a first time user is significantly smaller than that used by a regular user. It can be extremely dangerous to choose ones dose on the basis of the amount taken by someone else. Overdoses of opiates can be fatal.]

Medical Use of Heroin

'Drug use history' - Marajuana, LSD, mushrooms, DXM, DMT, almost evey opiate/opioid known to man, butalbital, phenobarbitol, alpazolam, diazepam, clonazepam, temazepam, zolpidem, sonata, dipenhydramine, and mescaline. AND I'm currently intoxicated fom insufflating heroin, and my prescription for xanax, because I hate going to the dentist. 2mg was ingested at 8:15pm. !WARNING! : If you aren't tolerant to these drugs, they should never be mixed, hundreds of deaths have occured by mixing benzodiazepines and opiates.

I went to the dentists today round 9:00am and had my retainers removed, and had to get a filling for a cavity, my first one. 1 day prior to this I used a bleach treatment on my teeth, and I left it in WAY, too long, hopeing to get better results, but unknowingly, the bleach made its way into the root cavities of my teeth, mostly the molars. For a while I just took the pain, but after the dentist cleaned my teeth and removed the retainer, he told me the bleach was in the roots of my tooth. OUCH! I was done waiting. I asked the dentist for a prescription for my pain and he refused. Narcophobes make life hard sometimes. Knowing my friend had some brown powder smack, I couldn't resist buying a couple of 'oragami's' (oragami shaped paper containers) from him.

After a short . 5 mile drive, I recieved them, and the product looked nice. A good dark tan color, with specks of black, possibly black tar H, used as a cut. Also it smelled very much like vinegar or acetic acid, witch I was told is used in purifying and producing H. It was also slightly rocky, like a brittle sandstone. I got home and immediately broke up a whole orgami, and insufflated it wih a straw at 1:37 pm, right before I began typing this report.

Within 10 minutes I was feeling the wonderful flood of endorpins, dopamine, and seritonin. My teeth almost immediately stopped hurting (completely!). My mindset quickly shifted from agitated, pained and fatigued, to a blissful, mellow, and happy euphoric and energized state I immediately grabbed my guitar and started jamming, I couldnt resist. Before I knew it, an hour had passed, and I was ready for oragami #2.

At 2:40pm, I chopped up the second dose and insufflated it. This one was bigger, and it just intensified the way I was already feeling. Basically, I was on top of the world. All my problems and worries dissipated. I was TRULY living in the moment. I continued to jam on my guitar, feeling like rock star. No wonder they use opiates, hehe. I don't have any plans today, so I'll just sit back and ride the horse. . . . . .

A side note: please be careful and responsible if you decide to try heroin or other opiates. The potency, filler drugs, and cut varies greatly. I met 3 acquaintinces about 3 years ago, they were black tar H addicts (all IV users) , and they all died from a batch of Fentanyl laced black tar dope several months ago. Another one came down with hepatitis b. This isn't fiction. Street opiates can kill, and they DID kill those poor young men I knew. Be careful, and may god bless you all.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 59607
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 18, 2020Views: 543
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Heroin (27) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1), Alone (16)

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