Nothing More Shocking Than an Overdose
Citation:   Chipper. "Nothing More Shocking Than an Overdose: An Experience with Heroin (exp79713)". May 20, 2018.

  insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)
Me: I'm an 18 yr old male with a decent amount of experience in drugs including marijuana, mushrooms, salvia, exstacy, cocaine, DXM, and assorted opiates but heroin only a few times.

Setting: It was the middle of the day and had just picked up 3 packs(I'd say dime bags) for 20 a piece. I have done H maybe 3 times and felt great every time, but as of late I had been getting garbage hookups that burned like crazy. Since I'd failed in doing a sufficient amount in the last 2 weeks my tolerance was probably zero...if only I had thought of that earlier.

Prep: I checked if the coast was clear when I got home. It was so I went down into my usual spot in my house and poured the smallest pack out and lined it up.

Experience: I will try to add as many details as possible but this is decently short and there wasn't much to it.
+0:00 - I rail a pretty short line... Much shorter than what I used to do.
+0:05 - Nothing yet... I start to second guess the potency(mistake)
+0:08 - Start feeling it coming on. Really bad post-nasal drip and a burning feeling in my throat. Slight stomach uneasiness.
+0:10 - Not really getting any higher. Wonder if I didn't do enough. Decide to wait it out. More weird feelings. Terrible throat burning that will not subside even after heavy ingestion of highly flavored liquids. Nose is somewhat numb. Weird hearing sensation(Dampened sense and slight pain...similar to taking off in an airplane).
+0:15 - All above sensations multiplied. Unbearable throat burning. Face completely numb. Completely deaf. Vision slightly blurred. Start to walk to the stairs to get help.
+0:16 - I get to the stairs and I try walking up but I'm completely blind. I don't remember falling but I was on the floor. I finally realize that this is me overdosing. I am positive that this is my end. I say goodbye and pray.
+0:2? - I don't remember the timing of my return to consciousness but I remember my basement door coming back into focus. I get up drenched in sweat and in complete disbelief. I immediately thank God for sparing my life because there is no doubt in my mind He was there today because there is no reason I should have survived. I wouldn't doubt it if I actually was dead for a few seconds but I'm alive now and I can't be more thankful to the Lord and my true Savior.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79713
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 20, 2018Views: 6,147
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