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A Dangerous Dance
Heroin (Black Tar) & Diphenhydramine
by 4Plus4Is8
Citation:   4Plus4Is8. "A Dangerous Dance: An Experience with Heroin (Black Tar) & Diphenhydramine (exp105312)". Aug 18, 2020.

T+ 0:00
1 shot IV Heroin
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Heroin
  T+ 2:10 75 mg oral Diphenhydramine


I am a casual junkie. I use a few days every week. It was me and a few of my buddies. It was a cold December day. I was excited because I got paid today. At 10:30 am I prepared for the day. I got together a spoon, some cotton swabs, and some syringes. I stopped by the bank and took out 50 dollars.

Naturally I called my friend to come get strung out with me. I picked him up at 11 am. From there we went to D's to pick up some tar. I picked up half a gram. After that we went and parked by the river and locked the doors to my car. It was now noon. I got out my spoon heated it up and placed it down. I put some water on it and prepared my dose. I injected a point, so I had to inject multiple times... I felt pretty high instantly. It wasnt enough though. I prepared some foil to smoke the rest with my friend. I put two points on the foil and took a huge rip. I then passed it to my friend and held it in.

I began to nod out a little and needed to puke so I did. I felt the familiar warmth from dope. I was enjoying it. I let him rip it twice because I was zoning out. I grabbed the rest and finished it off ... I loaded the other point on foil. It was now 12:15 time was going slow. I let him hit it because I was breathing weird. I took a few deep breaths. I felt a little better and took three big rips and held it in... I was beginning to pass out so I told my friend I had to go. I took him home and went home... I was scared because I almost fainted while driving. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I went to my room. It was now 1 pm. I was feeling breaded. I knew I was screwed because I had work soon. I decided to finish my stuff. I got the other point and prepared another shot. I used half the point this time and shot once... I smoked the other half after that. I was itchy and sick. I thought I was going to overdose. I took 3 Benadryl at.1:10 to stop my itching. That was a mistake. I got ready and went to work.

It was 1:30 I was working on my work for the day. As for I did it I was nodding out and couldn't keep my eyes open. My coworker came to me and was showing me a procedure. As she did it her words faded to off. I was in my own world zoning out. My heart was beating slow. My throat was dry from the dope now. I had to puke. I snapped back into reality when I realized my coworker was saying my name over and over. I ran to the bathroom and puked. The day went on like that. At 5:30 I went home and passed out til 12 pm the next day.

I woke up feeling so sick and was clammy. My mom came in with tears asking me if I was okay. When she walked away I began to cry because of the cramps in my side, I had a massive headache, my lungs felt weak, and I could barely move. I decided I was not going to do that again but I have anyways... Lesson learned not to abuse and take Benadryl!!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105312
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Aug 18, 2020Views: 514
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Heroin (27) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3), General (1)

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