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I'm Someone Who Gets Bored a Lot
by Dutch Man
Citation:   Dutch Man. "I'm Someone Who Gets Bored a Lot: An Experience with Heroin (exp114362)". May 14, 2020.

20 mg IV Heroin


My Heroin Experience

I'm someone who gets bored a lot and there isn't anything I can keep doing for a long time to relax, so I use drugs to kind of wind down and stay happy when I got time with nothing to do, which isn't that often. I had been smoking heroin for a while and decided to teach myself how to inject intravenously. I bought sterile equipment: Syringes, alcohol swaps, sterile mixing cups, filters, sterile water and medical citric acid.

I'm not sure about the purity of my heroin but my seller said 100% which isn't possible, I know from smoking and injecting that it is extremely strong though.

I used my microgram scale to weight 30mg and dissolved it in 1.5ml, I used 1ml giving me a dose of 20mg heroin, this should be a good dose since smoking 40mg would get me a strong effect before.

After I found a vein in my ankle I drew the plunger back to see if I was in and injected the contents slowly.

The heroin quickly gave me an effect, but it didn't feel much different from smoking. First I felt really awake and really good like when I'm sitting outside and the sun hits my face and I don't have a worry in the world, but then taken to the extreme. then about 2 minutes after, I got really relaxed, and my body felt like it was really drunk but it didn't affect my mental function at all. Then when I was cleaning up, I started to get quite itchy, I think mostly because I'm quite hairy and my skin becomes super sensitive to touch, but not pain on heroin. Also heroin releases a lot of histamines I think, which also cause itching across your body.

About 10 minutes later I started to feel sleepy, but it wasn't overwhelming or anything. I tried listening to music, but it didn't really matter which song was playing, pretty much everything sounded good. Reading text on my computer was a little difficult because my eyes kept losing focus, so I increased the text size and then it wasn't a problem at all. The main enjoyable parts of the experience was the very fast come up and a strange euphoric feeling that appears and dissapears with about a minute interval in a wave-like fashion. When I lied in my bed to take a nap, I instantly dreamed, and started a sleep/wake cycle in which I had many short dreams, which was really strange but also felt really good.

The feeling lasted for about 6 hours, but felt like 3. After that I wanted to drive somewhere to pick someone up because my was head clear, but my balance was still a little off so I asked them to come by bus instead.

All in all, I think heroin isn't that good for recreational purposes, because a lot of the high feeling must come from relieving stress or pain. So I think heroin is mentally addictive for the same reason as benzodiazepines, they provide temporary relief from feelings like guilt, anger, fear, anxiety and depression. In my own experience though, Heroin is way stronger at taking away extremely negative and depressed feelings. I'm pretty happy about my life right now, just bored very often so I wouldn't get addicted to this more than any other drugs.

One warning, if I use heroin for a minimum of 3 days in a row (even with smoking), after 3 more days of not using I start feeling a little shitty both mentally and physically for about a week, and the more/longer I use the stronger the shitty feeling gets, so I think I could get physically dependent on this stuff really fast if not careful!

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114362
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: May 14, 2020Views: 2,162
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