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Comfortably Numb
Alcohol - Beer & Heroin
Citation:   Dutch Master. "Comfortably Numb: An Experience with Alcohol - Beer & Heroin (exp33299)". Sep 11, 2019.

8 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
    repeated insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)
When I was 14 if you would have told me that id to heroin I would have said your full of shit and that I donít do drugs and never would. However, when I was 15 I took LSD , my first ďhard coreĒ drug, and from there it went down hill. With in a year I had gone from smoking pot to having done pretty much every drug, but crack and heroin.

However as I got into drug use I developed many good connections and knew where to get drugs like heroin, even though I didnít want them. But one day a friend of mine asked me to get him two $10 bags of dope. Being a nice guy I got the shit and told him id give it to him on Monday after school.

One thing that I have learned in life is that alcohol greatly impairs ones judgment and that could not have ever been more true than that Friday night when I had gotten the dope. After going to a party and consuming a little more than 8 beers I decided to go home and go to sleep. However, knowing that heroin is an opiate derivative, and that other opiates like codeine help me sleep good and fuck me up real bad when I drink, I then made the unwise decision to do a little bump of dope by myself in my room as a night cap. At first I just did a little bit, it went up smooth enough and gave me a real warm fuzzy feeling and made me quite happy and content. So I told my self this isnít that bad and that everybody who bashes dope just doesnít know what theyíre talking about, so I did more. After 30 minutes I had done one whole bag and the majority of the other one and then I started to feel the true effects of this drug. It came on some so quick and strong that I felt as if I were paralyzed lying there on my couch. I kept getting a feeling as if I were sinking down and every time I got to far I would jerk my head up and try and snap myself back into reality. But it was no use, I was to drunk and doped up to do anything, so I just layed there comfortably numb (I was actually listening to the Wall by Pink Floyd when I did this and distinctly remember listening to comfortably numb doped out of my mind). The feeling was as if my body was dead weight and nothing in the world mattered and that if I died I would be completely content with it. I as well kept closing my eyes and even though I was awake and semi conscious I kept on having weird dream like visions every time I closed my eyes, a feeling that I usually get on oxycontin.

However that feeling of content nothingness passed and the horrible sickness that accompanies heroin began to set in. When I got the first wave of nausea I tried to stand up and go for the bathroom on the other side of my room. But as I tried to stand my legs gave my way and I fell on my face hitting my head. So I just laid there vomiting all over myself thinking that I wish death would come and end this now horrible experience.

After that I blacked out and came to the next morning covered in puke with dried blood in my hair. Out of all the times I have drank I had never been as hung over as I was that day, and would subsequently be for two more. My head felt as if was being stomped on, I couldnít eat anything, I had the shakes, my eyes were ugly looking and looked sunken in and I would break out in cold sweats for no reason. This feeling was so bad that I actually contemplated suicide and went as far as taking my rifle out of its case, but fortunately for me I had no ammo at the time.

I should also mention that the dealer who gave it to me was a big dope fiend and he said he took one of these $10 bags at a time and that was all he needed, and warned me not to do more than half, 2/3 maximum. I did a bag and 2/3 of the other one, plus I was drunk and alcohol magnifies the effects of opiates. So either way I had a shitty time and wish I had never done that drug. All it does is fuck you up real bad then make you hung over as shit the next day, and the good numb feeling doesnít out way the hangover. But my friend who the got the 1/3 of a bag (I reimbursed him) did it anyway and said he liked it and did it many times since then. My guess is I almost OD and thatís why it was so shitty, but I never has done it sense then and donít plan on it.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 33299
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 11, 2019Views: 3,646
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