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A Brief History of EverythingKen Wilber
Brave New WorldAldous HuxleyMar
Chaos and Cyber CultureTimothy Leary
Chaos Gaia ErosRalph Abraham
The Cracking TowerJim DeKorne
Jesus WeedGerald Taylor
JunkChristopher Largen
Light Reading for the End of the WorldScott O. Moore
Magic and Medicine of PlantsReader's Digest Editors
Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & ElvesClifford Pickover
Strange Attractor: Journal OneMark Pilkington
Strange Attractor: Journal TwoMark Pilkington
Strange Attractor: Journal ThreeMark Pilkington
Strange Evolutionary FlowersLizbeth Rymland
Voices From the EdgeDavid Jay Brown & Rebecca McClen Novick
2012: The Return of QuetzalcoatlDaniel Pinchbeck
The Codex MagliabechianoZelia Nuttal & Elizabeth Boone
The Devil's Book of CultureBenjamin Feinberg
Moral PanicsGoode & Ben-Yehuda
The Pursuit of PleasureLionel Tiger
Shamans Through TimeJeremy Narby & Grancis Huxley
Beyond BeliefErik Davis
Community BuildingKazimierz Gozdz
Inspired Madness: The Gifts of Burning ManDale Pendell
The Passive Solar HouseJames Kachadorian
The Rammed Earth HouseDavid Easton
The New Strawbale HomeCatherine Wanek
The Straw Bale HouseSteen, Steen & Bainbridge
The Botany of Desire
Ethnobotany: Evolution of a Discipline
Wildly Successful Plants: Northern CaliforniaPam Peirce
The Concise Illustrated Book of Mushrooms and other FungiDavid Pegler
MushroomNicholas P. Money
In the Kingdom of Mescal
The Meridian Handbook of Classical MythologyEdward Tripp
Pacific MythologyJan Knappert
The Well of Remembrance: Rediscovering the Earth Wisdom Myths of Northern EuropeRalph Metzner
World MythologyRoy Willis
The Alchemy of Love and LustTheresa Crenshaw
Better Sex Through ChemistryJohn Morgenthaler & Dan Joy
The Illustrated Kama SutraVatsyayana
Moody BitchesJulie Holland
Sex and DrugsRobert Anton Wilson
Sex and SpiritClifford Bishop
The Unused Potential of Marriage and SexBetty Eisner
Nomad CodesErik Davis
Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister CrowleyRichard Kaczynski
The Visionary StateErik Davis
Art of the Huichol IndiansKathleen Berrin
Cosmic ArtRaymond Piper and Lila Piper
Drinking LightningPhilip Rubinov-Jacobson
Ecstasy: In and About Altered StatesLisa Mark
Metamorphosis: 50 Contemporary Surreal, Fantastic and Visionary ArtistsRobyn Flemming (ed.)
Net of BeingAlex Grey
Peyote Religious ArtDaniel C. Swan
Psychedelic ArtRobert Masters & Jean Houston
PsychedelikaWolfgang Sterneck
Psychonautische Landkarte: A Trip into Psychedelic ArtClaude Steiner & Radovan Hirsl
Sacred MirrorsAlex Grey
TransfigurationsAlex Grey
True VisionsGeraci & Timeto
The White Rabbit and Other DelightsAlan Bisbort
Vincent van Gogh: Chemicals, Crises, and CreativityWilfred N. Arnold
We Ate The Acid: 61)A3HT3TA3WJoe RobertsOct
Women of Visionary ArtDavid Jay Brown & Rebecca Ann HillMar
Led Zeppelin (33 1/3)Erik Davis
Addicted: The Myth and Menace of Drugs in FilmJack Stevenson
Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical RomanceIrvine Welsh
Rave Culture: An Insider's OverviewJimi Fritz
Rave Culture and ReligionGraham St John
This Is Not A RaveTara McCall
Trance FormationRobin Sylvan
A Brief History of DrugsAntonio Escohotado
Darwin's PharmacyRichard Doyle
Dock Ellis In the Country of BaseballDonald Hall
The Language of the GoddessMarija Gimbutas
The Long Trip : A Prehistory of PsychedeliaPaul Devereux
Pharmakon: Plato, Drug Culture, and Identity in Ancient AthensMichael Rinella
Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern HistorySidney W. Mintz
This Timeless MomentLaura Huxley
Hit ManRex Feral
The Outlaw's BibleE.X. Boozhie
Sex, Drugs, Death, and the LawDavid A.J. Richards
Equations of PowerDale Pendell
The Essential RumiColeman Barks
I: Mystical Mushroom Enlightenment PoemsJay Dayva
CyberiaDouglas Rushkoff
More Than HumanRamez Naam
The Playful WorldMark Pesce
SpychipsK. Albrecht & L. McIntyre
TechgnosisErik Davis
Alice Through The Looking GlassLewis Carroll
Alices Adventures in WonderlandLewis Carroll
Alices Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up AdaptationLewis Carroll
BrainchildDavid Jay Brown
EdenKen Wisman
EtidorhpaJohn Uri Lloyd
The Great Bay: Chronicles of the CollapseDale Pendell
The Wizard of Oz: A Pop-up ClassicL. Frank Baum & Albert Miller
Amazing Dope TalesStephen Gaskin
The Art of EcstasyWilliam Marshall & Gilbert Taylor
Beneath the Diamond SkyBarney Hoskyns
Birth of a Psychedelic CultureRam Dass, Ralph Metzner, Gary Bravo
The Boo Hoo BibleArt Kleps
The Brotherhood of the Screaming AbyssDennis McKenna
Captain Trips: A Biography of Jerry GarciaSandy Troy
Flashbacks: A Personal and Cultural History of an EraTimothy Leary
Generation EcstasySimon Reynolds
Haight Ashbury FlashbacksStephen Gaskin
Hallucinogens and CulturePeter T. Furst
High WeirdnessErik Davis
The Hippie DictionaryJohn Bassett McCleary
HippieBarry Miles
Humphry Osmond Psychedelic Pioneer (comic book)
IslandAldous Huxley
Jail NotesTimothy Leary
Mavericks of the MindDavid Jay Brown & Rebecca McClen Novick
MillbrookArt Kleps
On the BusPaul Perry
The Other Side of HaightJames Fadiman
The San Francisco OracleAllen Cohen
Psychedelic Mysteries of the FemininePapaspyrou, Baldini, & Luke (Eds)
Scrapbook of a Haight Ashbury PilgrimElizabeth Gips
Summer of LoveJoel Selvin
Too Much to DreamPeter Bebergal
White Hand SocietyPeter ConnersSep
2und OutMaia Wojciechowska
Amazon MagicJaya Bear
Amazonian ChroniclesMeunier & Savarin
The Jaguar that Roams the MindRobert Tindall
Medicine QuestMark J. Plotkin
Rainforest MedicineJonathon Miller WeisbergerMar
Tales of a Shaman's ApprenticeMark J. Plotkin
Tales of the YanomamiJacques Lizot
The Three Halves of Ino MoxoCésar Calvo
Vine of the SoulRichard Evans Schultes
Where the Gods ReignRichard Evans Schultes
Yanomamö: The Fierce PeopleNapoleon Chagnon
Yanomamö: The Last Days of EdenNapoleon Chagnon
Ganja In JamaicaVera Rubin & Lambros Comitas
The Serpent & The RainbowWade Davis
Mushrooms, Myth & MithrasCarl A.P. Ruck, Mark A. Hoffman, and Jose Alfredo González Celdrán
Conversaciones con Maria SabinaEnrique González Rubio
Maria Sabina SelectionsJerome Rothenberg
Vida de Maria SabinaÁlvaro Estrada
Food Plants of the Coastal First PeoplesNancy J. Turner
The Autobiography of a Winnebago IndianPaul Radin
One Nation Under GodHuston Smith
The People of the PeyoteStacy Schaefer & Peter Furst
Peyote Hunt: The Sacred Journey of the Huichol IndiansBarbara G. Myerhoff
Amazon HealerMarlene Dobkin de Rios
Dreamtime & Inner SpaceHolger Kalweit
Ecstatic Religion: A Study of Shamanism and Spirit PossessionI.M. Lewis
Flowers of WiricutaTim Pinkson
The Four Winds: A Shaman's Odyssey into the AmazonAlberto Villoldo & Erik Jendresen
The Gift of LifeBonnie Glass-Coffin
Hallucinogens and ShamanismMichael J. Harner
The Hidden WorldRuck, Staples, Celdran, Hoffman
Journey to the Island of the SunAlberto Villoldo & Erik Jendresen
The Nature of ShamanismMichael Ripinsky-Naxon
Psychedelic ShamanismJim DeKorne
Plants of the GodsRichard Evans Schultes & Albert Hofmann
Ride on the Wing of the EagleSheila Griffin
The ShamanPiers Vitebsky
Shaman of Tibet: Milarepa - From Anger to Enlightenment(Winged Wolf) Heather Hughes-Calero
Shamanic Voices: A Survey of Visionary NarrativesJoan Halifax, Ph.D.
Shamanism : Archaic Techniques of EcstasyMircea Eliade
Shamanism and the Eighteenth CenturyGloria Flaherty
The Shaman's ApprenticeLynne Cherry & Mark J. Plotkin
Shamans, Healers and Medicine MenHolger Kalweit
Shamans Through TimeJeremy Narby & Francis Huxley
Spirit CircleHal Zina Bennett
The Spirit of ShamanismRoger N. Walsh, MD, PhD
Tales of a Shaman's ApprenticeMark J. Plotkin, Ph.D.
The Three Halves of Ino MoxoCésar Calvo
A War of WitchesJ. KnabSep
The Way of the ShamanMichael Harner
Witchcraft MedicineMuller-Ebeling, Ratsch, & Storl
Zuni FetishesHal Zina Bennett
Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean WorldHillary S. Webb