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Peyote Hunt
The Sacred Journey of the Huichol Indians
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Barbara G. Myerhoff
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Cornell University Press
"This is a veautiful book, recording with loving care how one thoughtful Huichol Indian wanted to see the world."
-- Review of Books and Religion

"This study is based on observation, verbatim texts of myths, ethnographic data, participation in the rituals, and other publications of Huichol ethnology. The peyote complex is expertly set in the wider context of Huichol religion, society, and theory. The study concludes with a review of some recent theories of Turner, Geertz, and Levi-Strauss, which, in turn, are synthesized to provide the basis for sophisticated analysisi of meaning and function of the deer-maize-peyote symbol-ritual complex. . . . Should be useful to all seriously interested in understainding alien world views."
-- Choice