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This Timeless Moment
A Personal View of Aldous Huxley
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Laura Huxley
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1968, 2000
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Celestial Arts
Author of such brilliant, visionary works as Brave New World, Point Counter Point, Doors of Perception, and Island, Aldous Huxley was also deeply involved in all the Eastern philosophies. Equally at home with both scientists and mystics, this intense, complicated man was often misunderstood. Nonetheless his pioneering research in consciousness expansion formed the basis for much of the human potential movement. In This Timeless Moment, his wife, Laura Huxley, recalls their years together. Through her eyes, we get to know the man behind the writings: his emotional and intellectual freedom, his humor, and most of all his tenderness and compassion.

"Absorbing reading. It captures certain integral and warmly human aspects of Huxley's genius."
-- New York Times

"I respect and admire Laura, and Aldous's memory is sacred to me. She writes beautifully and accurately in regard to his death. Thank you, Laura and Aldous."
-- John Lilly, author of The Center of the Cyclone

"This Timeless Moment is a most inspiring, deeply affecting love story for all time! Laura and Aldous Huxley gave us fresh meaning to 'human potentiality,' long before there was a human potential movement.""
-- Chungliang Al Huang, author of Quantum Soup

Laura Huxley is the author of You are Not the Target, Between Heaven and Earth, and The Child of Your Dreams. She lives in Los Angeles.