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More Than Human
Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement
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Author(s) :
Ramez Naam
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Broadway Books
"Ramez Naam provides a reliable and informed cook's tour of the world we might choose if we decide that we should fast-forward evolution. I disagree with virtually all his enthusiasms, but I think he has made his case cogently and well."
-- Bill McKibben, author of Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age

"More Than Human is excellent--passionate yet balanced, clearly written and rich with fascinating details. A wonderful overview of a topic that will dominate the twenty-first century."
-- Greg Bear, author of Dead Lines and Darwin's Children.

"Sixty years ago, human beings gave digital computers the ability to modify their own coded instructions--sparking a revolution that has now given us the ability to modify our own coded instructions, promising revolutions even more extreme. Whether for, against, or undecided about genetic modification of human beings, you should read this book--a bold, compelling look at what lies ahead."
-- George Dyson, author of Darwin Among the Machines.

"More Than Human is one of those rare books that is both a delightful read and an important statement. You'll relish the fascinating stories of physical and mental enhancement that Naam has assembled here, but you'll also come away with a new sense of wonder at the human drive for pushing at the boundaries of what it means to be human. No one interested in the future intersections of science, technology, and medicine can afford to miss this book."
-- Steven Johnson, author of Mind Wide Open

" Ramez Naam's look at the coming of human enhancement is a major contribution; he shows convincingly that the conceptual wall between therapy andenhancement is fast crumbling."
-- Gregory Stock, author of Redesigning Humans