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World Mythology
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Editor(s) :
Roy Willis
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Owl Books
World Mythology is an authoritative and wide-ranging collection of the most important mythological traditions, combining the impact of pure narrative with the background information necessary for understanding this engrossing subject matter.

Superbly illustrated with photographs, maps, and artwork, this is the most accessible guide to the limitless heritage of the world's imagination yet produced.

  • A Fully illustrated encyclopedia for reading enjoyment as well as reference
  • Selected episode told at length
  • Color photographs of art and artifacts that bring mythological themes to life
  • Maps, charts, tables, and family trees that present complicated stories visually, for easy comprehension
"World Mythology serves as both a reference work and a fascinating introduction to its subject. Thans to its abundant illustrations (more than five hundred), it could also grace a coffee table."
-- The Bloomsbury Review

Roy Willis, Ph.D., is a research fellow in anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. ABest known for his fieldwork in east-central Africa, he is the author of several books, including Man and Beast (1975), a highly acclaimed study of animal symbolism in the beliefs of African peoples.

Robert Walter (introduction) is the director of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, a non-profit organization founded to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the pioneering work of Joseph Campbell (1904-1987), one of the foremost interpreters of myth in our time.