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David Jay Brown
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Falcon Press
Leticia Shafae and Daimon Magus are proud to announce the birth of their Brainchild. A wildly erotic dizzily dazzling carnival ride through the futuristic realities created by cyber-piloting control of the brain and nanotechnology. A neuroscience fiction novel, explosive with the force of a 4.5 billion years of evolution behind it, guaranteed to liquefy and reform any brain with courage enough to venture within its depths.

Brainchild, told through the eyes of an immortal, perpetually young, spunky, erotically-minded rock-n-roll visionary, is the story of how dreams, via nanotechnology, can become realities. Join us on a search for the greatest ecstasy in the universe! Brainchild is a guide book for the realities emerging out of the human brain at the end of the twentieth century. Cryptically encoded, it reveals the time honored neurobiological secrets for learning the art of reality fabrication.

Brainchild, delivered through the nervous system of David Jay Brown, is guaranteed to knock your socks off and blow your mind.

Fasten your seatbelts folks and hold onto your heads!

"The wonderful novel you hold in your hands combines poetry, psychology and metaphors from a dozen sciences to describe some of the potentials of consciousness that we are beginning to discover. . . . Even if some of what follows sounds like Thrilling Wonder Tales to you, DAvid Brown has, in fact, rather severely limited himself to only those future prospects which seem most plausible at this time. . . . David Brown should not be considered a fantasist in the tradition of Tolkien; I would rather call him an Evolutionary Meteorologist, carefully scanning the latest scientific read-outs and forecasting the 'weather' right ahead of us on this time-track. Of course, some readers will be shocked, outraged or alarmed by the 'optimism' of this book."
-- Robert Anton Wilson, PhD (from the introduction)

"Really Enjoyed! . . . Fascinating . . . in the vanguard. Brainchild is on the far edge of cyberpunk."
-- Timothy Leary, PhD, author of Info-Psychology

"Fast, hot, sexy, and futuristic, Brainchild explodes the cradle of material and spiritual limits to communicate the endless possibilities of the intimate marriage between art and science. Disneyesque imagery takes the reader on a splendrous technicolor adventure into the galactic halls of delight and terror. A gem of this decade. Brown is the Hesse of our time."
-- Carolyn Kleefeld, author of Lovers in Evolution

That our perfected selves whisper to us from the future is but one of David Brown's fertile insights
-- Terence K. McKenna, author of The Invisible Landscape