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Ride on the Wing of the Eagle
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Author(s) :
Sheila Griffin
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Mystic Moon Publishing
"To be free is to fly with the eagle. Be yourself totally. Express your emotions, your feelings, your desires. Dance in the streets, run in the rain, and sing from the rooftops. Let the world know who you are. It is time to come out of hiding. Risks? Yes, there may be some. rewards? Yes, there are many. Fear? Sometimes, but you will ride through whatever is making you fearful in the moment."

"This richly painted story will be compelling for anyone looking to connect more strongly to that which can only be seen by our soouls. I recommend it not just as a good read, but as a personal experience. For those who are intrigued by stories of evolution to spiritual wholeness. Sheila Griffin, has written Ride of the Wing of the Eagle, to tell of her personal journey on the Red Road of the Native American way. Apprenticing to a medicine woman who teaches her to master her worst fears, Ms. Griffin reaches a hand back to help her readers follow along, offering up exercises at the end of each chapter to make the experiences come alive."
-- Michele Coffas DeLuca, Editor, Holistic Health Journal

"With the wisdom and mistery born of authentic experience, Sheila Griffin weaves a wonderful guide for overcoming the fears that limit and imprison our spirits. A beautiful and inspiring book."
-- Sue Patton Thoele, author of The Courage To Be Yourself and The Woman's Book of Spirit

"To honor our ancestors, teachers and elders is to embody & share what they have taught us. Through her own personal vision Sheila Griffin gives honor to herself and Grandmother Raven by sharing the lessons and unique gifts she has received. --Waschtelo! (It is good!)"
-- Kayla Moonwatcher, Director, Center for Spiritual Shamanic Exploration