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The Pursuit of Pleasure
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Lionel Tiger
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Little, Brown & Company
"A real guilt-buster. A liberating book that makes it easier to enjoy life's pleasures. Virtually every page contains an insight worth remembering."
-- Alan Dershowitz, Author of Chutzpah. Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

"Lionel Tiger has had a prodigious career -- original, lively, and bold. I always learn from him. I like disagreeing with him. The Pursuit of Pleasure now restores pleasure as one of our great necessities, an irresistible message."
-- Catharine Stimpson, Past President, Modern Language Association, Founding Editor, Signs.

"Enlightening, witty -- a pleasure to read."
-- Gay Talese, Author of Thy Neighbor's Wife and The Kingdom and the Power.

"Lionel Tiger's bold approach to The Pursuit of Pleasure articulates with mastery his lifelong passion: to make universal, complicated ideas about the fundamental springs of human social order comprehensible and arresting. You'll be intrigued and entertained by this insightful scholarly work."
-- Barbaralee Diamonstein, author of The Landmarks of New York.

"Lionel Tiger's wise and fascinating book is a celebration and an investigation of pleasure. This is a remarkable work which combines scholarly authority with the sensual delights of the writer as man of the world."
-- Molly Haskell, Author of From Reverence to Rape and Love and Other Infectious Diseases: A Memoir.

Lionel Tiger, the Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University, lives in New York City.