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Mavericks of the Mind
Conversations for the New Millenium
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David Jay Brown
Rebecca McClen Novick
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The Crossing Press
"This is a fine collection of original thinkers, an important national resource. Everyone who wants to stay current with information from the outer permimeters of consciousness exploration should read it."
-- Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead

"...a winner. It's got punch, rhythm, verve ... brilliantly conceived and executed, forming perhaps the best possible connection of the past thirty-five years of cultural transformation. It opens the road to the starmakers -- to all who intelligently dare."
-- John Allen, Co-Founder and Director of Biosphere 2

"... a provacative collection of interviews with some of the most challenging thinkers in the Western world. Their statements may cajole you, infuriate you, or inspire you, but they will never bore you! Together, these interviews give the reader an uncanny glimpse as to the way that our reality may be heading."
-- Stanly Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, and co-author of Personal Mythology and Spiritual Dimensions of Healing.

"The great test of youthful ideas must be in how well they age and regenerate for future generations. In this volume two young people interview many of the outrageous luminaries of the 20th century Western ecstatic mystic community. This book provides evidence that a new flavor of spiritual tradition, completely compatible with science and technology, is being passed from one generation to the next. I feel this is a most vital project, and that it has been beautifully executed."
-- Jaron Lanier, Virtual Reality pioneer, musician, and founder of VPL