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(also Glue; Freon; Duster; Propellant; Solvent; Gasoline; Petrol; Butane; Propane; Ethane)
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(see also Ether, Nitrous Oxide)

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General » » »   more   » » » [80]
A Terrible Night I Will Never Forget crayolasoldier Inhalants (Paper Cement)
Paranoid IronWizard666 Inhalants - Spray Adhesive
One Hit Chipper Duster
Huffing with the Retard Princess Dementia Inhalants - Butane
Pleasure and Death VrIgHtEr Inhalants - Duster
No Need For Eyes Fus3r Inhalants (Computer Duster)
The Village Drunk in an Early Irish Novel S Inhalants (Spray Paint), Zolpidem & Alcohol
Not Exactly Pleasant chickenpower Inhalants - Acetone
Playing With My Twins Confused Tripper Inhalants (Gasoline)
Why I Quit Twin Uzis Inhalants (Gasoline)

First Times » » »   more   » » » [50]
Experiences in Death-Dodging ImperialRadio Duster
A Very Eerie Sensation of Uncertainty Zarko Toluene
It DOES Get You High Ecto Morph Inhalents (Paint Thinner)
Couch of Duality Jonathan Inhalants - Gasoline
Psychological Warfare AlternateTraverse Inhalants (Chloroethane)
Running Through a Haunted House o.0 Diethyl Ether & Inhalants (Starter Fluid)
Cheap and Cheerful Fuzzt Inhalants (Butane)
Shattering Boundaries of the Material World Monolith Inhalants
Insight and Lost RAM Reverse Inhalants: Difluoroethane
I Don't Think I'll Ever Do It Again Joltie Inhalants (Duster)

Combinations » » »   more   » » » [23]
Meeting the Super-Agile Alien Cat Woman Lorelei Inhalants
This Can Be Dangerous The Buzzer Inhalants (Chlorodifluoromethane) & Amphetamines (Adderall)
Feels Like Electrocution Tayne 1P-LSD & Inhalant
Bliss and Then Nothing Tucka Mushrooms & Inhalants (Duster)
I Had No Idea Who I Even Was Abe MDMA & Inhalants (Vicks)
Sudden Meaning to Abstract Childhood Thought NukeItGood Diethyl Ether & Inhalants (Starter Fluid)
A Great Revelation Alkaloidaholic DXM, Nitrous Oxide & Inhalants (Chloroethane)
Running Through a Haunted House o.0 Diethyl Ether & Inhalants (Starter Fluid)
Touching God My Own Reality Inhalants(duster), Alcohol & Cannabis
Dancing with the Devil Comfortably Numb Diethyl Ether & Inhalants (Starter Fluid)

Retrospective / Summary » » »   more   » » » [63]
Passing the Course William Inhalants - Glue
A Way Through Sickness Trip Inhalants
Sudden Meaning to Abstract Childhood Thought NukeItGood Diethyl Ether & Inhalants (Starter Fluid)
Can of Joy, Can of Self-Destruction Chris Inhalants - Duster
A Second World Apricey Inhalants - Gasoline
The Sensorum Featus Inhalants - Butane
The Depths of Brain Damage Crystal Inhalants - Gasoline
A Corrupted Blank Slate Gary UK Inhalants
The Lost Years Convoy Inhalants - Gasoline
Glade and Gore Anna Inhalant - Glade Air Freshener

Preparation / Recipes   [1]
Don't Know What to Think ter Ether & Inhalants (Starter Fluid)

Difficult Experiences » » »   more   » » » [31]
Don't Use Inhalants! Glad2beAlive Inhalants
A Great Revelation Alkaloidaholic DXM, Nitrous Oxide & Inhalants (Chloroethane)
Complete Breakdown While Coming Down Speed Weeder Inhalants (Computer Duster) & Cannabis
Still Haunts My Thoughts Almost Daily bjmeister Inhalants - Chloroethane
It Was Unreal Pyre Cannabis & Inhalants (Aerosol)
Death Fishing 34th Captain Inhalants: Duster
Air Duster. Never Again. cotyculbs Inhalants (Duster)
Not Again for a Long Fucking While! ch0ke Inhalants (Duster)
Everything is Spotted in Black duster addict Inhalants (Computer Duster) & DXM
Visions of the Past Mcnail Inhalants (Gasoline)

Bad Trips » » »   more   » » » [21]
Satan's Scuba Tanks Mr. Cashew Inhalants - Duster
Duster Danger Eric Inhalants - Duster
Wanna Die For 5 Minutes Notgonnagiveumyname Inhalants
Watching My Body Lie Breathless Farfromfine Inhalants - Freon
Not Psychedelia Dragonfli Inhalants: Gasoline
The Worst Night of My Life Micah Inhalants (Propane)
Trip Gone TERRIBLY WRONG Samuel Inhalants (Gasoline)
Tolly Wopped LakeShadow Toluene
Reality or Illusion? TotalChaos Inhalants
A Look Into the World of the Insane tom Inhalants (Gasoline)

Health Problems » » »   more   » » » [48]
Karmic Retribution Chaos Path Inhalants (Gasoline)
Flirting With Death IamHurt Inhalants (Duster & Gasoline)
Dumb Night Mental Patient Inhalants (Computer Duster) & Diphenhydramine
Causes Lasting Effects Warning Inhalants
I'm Still Tingly Bob Inhalants - Duster
Nitrous and a Liquid Slide Can mrstupid Inhalants
Inhaler Overdose Carl Albuterol Inhaler
I Didn't Know Why It Happened John Inhalants: Cleaning Solvent
A Lingering Taste Elenor Inhalants: Gasoline
Experiences with Gasoline BenTheWorm Inhalants: Gasoline

Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters » » »   more   » » » [15]
Turn For The Worst Zombie2k Inhalants: Freon
I'm a Plane General Mitchell Inhalants: Freon
The Duster Driver Nick Inhalants: Duster
Cheap and Easy to Get Bloodbob Inhalants: Propane (LPG)
The Ultimate Bad Trip T.J. Chloroethane
How to Get Higher Than Ever (Not Really) son of silence Inhalants
Super Concussion Time Gaston Inhalants ('Dust Remover')
Please Do Not Use/Try Duster! Close Friend Inhalants (Tetrafluorethane)
Facial Fuck Up ------unknown Inhalants - Freon
Stupid At The Wheel Tamara Inhalants: Butane

Addiction & Habituation » » »   more   » » » [33]
The Nonsensical Epiphanies Aetherholic Inhalants - Diethyl Ether
Dusting On Friend's Birthday Duster1 Inhalants (Air Duster)
Car Wreck...Seriously. Toe key zee Inhalant (Duster), Cannabis & Alcohol
Please Don't Sniff Inhalants WorstMistakeofmyLIFE Butane, Isobutane & Gasoline
Nothing Better to Do blurrymostatime Inhalants (Scotch Guard)
Danger Zone yari Inhalants: Butane
Two Year Addiction to Near-Death Experience Pr0d1g1um Inhalants (Duster)
I Wish I Had Never Have Tried It britt Freon
Inhalants Danger Anonymous Butane & Propane
I Might Have a Problem Grasshopper Inhalants (Butane)

Glowing Experiences   [6]
The Incredible Feeling of Being Alive Bemushroomed1 Difluoroethane
I Think I'm an Ant Voidingtraveler Inhalants (Freon)
Well Worthwhile Wasabi the PimpNinja Inhalants (Chloroethane)
Gas Dreams Pr17 Inhalants - Gasoline
Meeting the Super-Agile Alien Cat Woman Lorelei Inhalants
Quick and Hard thatazoreanguy Inhalants - Butane & Alcohol

Mystical Experiences   [8]
As the Spirit Wanes the Form Appears Gangleri Inhalants - Glue & Paint
Life is a Joke LostInLife Inhalants (Starter Fluid)
God Spoke to Me Through Ethyl Jaz Clean-n-Serene Inhalants (Chloroethane)
Touching God My Own Reality Inhalants(duster), Alcohol & Cannabis
Horrifying Jones Gorilla Inhalants
My Life on Ether Universal U Diethyl Ether & Inhalants (Starter Fluid)
Meeting the Super-Agile Alien Cat Woman Lorelei Inhalants
Arjay Moses Inhalants - Glue

Health Benefits   [1]
Air Freshener Cured My Pink-Eye LySergicaDdict Inhalants (GladeŽ)

Families   [1]
I Wish My Brother Hadn't Seen Me Like This Drew Inhalant - Duster

What Was in That?   [2]
Pipe Repair Billie Inhalants (Glue)
Laughing Loud Enough to Wake the Neighbors Matt Inhalants - Computer Duster

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