Inhalants (also Glue; Freon; Duster; Propellant; Solvent; Gasoline; Petrol; Butane; Propane; Ethane) Reports - Difficult Experiences
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Recommended Don't Use Inhalants! Glad2beAlive Inhalants 2012 Apr 03
A Terrible Night I Will Never Forget crayolasoldier Inhalants (Paper Cement) 2020 May 27
Glade and Gore Anna Inhalant - Glade Air Freshener 2015 Dec 13
A Great Revelation Alkaloidaholic DXM, Nitrous Oxide & Inhalants (Chloroethane) 2007 Dec 19
Complete Breakdown While Coming Down Speed Weeder Inhalants (Computer Duster) & Cannabis 2007 Jun 23
Not Exactly Pleasant chickenpower Inhalants - Acetone 2021 Jan 31
Still Haunts My Thoughts Almost Daily bjmeister Inhalants - Chloroethane 2019 May 26
Comparing Dimensions Cynthilla Inhalants - Butane 2017 Nov 21
Watching My Body Lie Breathless Farfromfine Inhalants - Freon 2009 Jan 03
I Wish My Brother Hadn't Seen Me Like This Drew Inhalant - Duster 2008 Dec 20
Another World Fuck Inhaling Inhalants - Glue 2006 May 07
It Was Unreal Pyre Cannabis & Inhalants (Aerosol) 2005 Jul 12
Gas, Snakes And A Motor Vehicle To Boot! Really Inhalants (Gasoline) 2004 Jul 28
Death Fishing 34th Captain Inhalants: Duster 2001 Apr 08
Air Duster. Never Again. cotyculbs Inhalants (Duster) 2022 Feb 05
The Worst Night of My Life Micah Inhalants (Propane) 2021 Dec 09
Trip Gone TERRIBLY WRONG Samuel Inhalants (Gasoline) 2020 Nov 18
Not Again for a Long Fucking While! ch0ke Inhalants (Duster) 2018 Sep 07
The Smell of Motor Oil moron Inhalants (Starter Fluid) 2018 May 09
Freon Freakout Steve Inhalants - Dichlorodifluoromethane 2018 Apr 26
Everything is Spotted in Black duster addict Inhalants (Computer Duster) & DXM 2007 Jun 27
5 Minutes of Forever Anonymous Inhalants (Gasoline) 2007 Jun 20
Visions of the Past Mcnail Inhalants (Gasoline) 2007 Jun 19
Fed Up Mr Wiggles Inhalants - Gasoline 2006 Jul 31
Tolly Wopped LakeShadow Toluene 2005 Jul 04
I Got Hooked and Stupid mr. man Inhalants (Duser) 2019 Sep 18
A Look Into the World of the Insane tom Inhalants (Gasoline) 2019 Jul 08
Dust Off and Up Chuck duster Inhalant (Duster) 2019 May 29
We Are Living in a Wolrd of Day-Ja-Vu big guy Inhalants - Gasoline 2019 Feb 09
One of the Scariest Nights Have Had DJ Inhalants (Gasoline) 2011 Sep 12
Stupid At The Wheel Tamara Inhalants: Butane 2001 Apr 01

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