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Watching My Body Lie Breathless
Inhalants - Freon
by Farfromfine
Citation:   Farfromfine. "Watching My Body Lie Breathless: An Experience with Inhalants - Freon (exp55958)". Jan 3, 2009.

  repeated inhaled Inhalants (gas)


Earlier this year I had heard that freon gives a wicked buzz and makes you hallucinate. This was just the beginning of my problems.

My dad works on ac units he has large tanks of freon sitting around all over. After about a month of getting familiar with the gas I knew exactly how much to breath and when I would spend hours in my basement watching people walk by and strange figures dancing around the walls. Later I found that if I put headphones on and listen to 'stoner' music the effects were much more intense and colorful. As I increased the dose of freon it seemed as though I was god and was able travel anywhere and understand anything. Of course I had some bad trips like the house burning down and blood spewing out of my chest, but usually they were amazing and liberating.

It all ended one day after I wrecked my car. I was upset and just wanted to get away. After about an hour of tripping I decided to just take a big hit and let the lights go out for a while. passing out was common with freon. I took two deep breaths and was out but something was wrong I felt my body slowly dying it was something I never felt before suddenly I was standing in front of my body punching it and holding on to it because it felt as though somebody was pulling me away. The terror lasted forever I really thought I was dead and my 'conscious' self was actually my soul apart from my body. Finally I came too but I couldn't move I couldn't see straight. I just laid on the floor for at least 15 minutes trying to understand what happened. I crawled upstairs to my bed and crashed. The next day I vowed never to do freon again and I haven't.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 55958
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 3, 2009Views: 17,167
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