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Dusting On Friend's Birthday
Inhalants (Air Duster)
Citation:   Duster1. "Dusting On Friend's Birthday: An Experience with Inhalants (Air Duster) (exp75266)". Erowid.org. Oct 16, 2018. erowid.org/exp/75266

  repeated inhaled Inhalants
  1 tablet inhaled MDMA
[Erowid Note: Our understanding of the literature is that there is no such thing as safe recreational use of volatile solvents, aerosols and other street inhalants : their psychoactive effects are inseparable from nerve and organ damage. We have chosen to include these reports to help document the real world use of inhalants, but their inclusion is not intended to imply that they are anything but dangerous.]
It was my friends 16th birthday, so we decided to roll off ecstasy for the beginning of the night to celebrate. After we all started noticing a comedown, I left the room...shortly after I walk into the room holding a can of Air-Duster to pretty much shut out any kind of MDMA comedown that was about to hit us all, we all agree on this as I sit on my bed to start dusting my way towards heaven. I take a lung full...not one, not two or three, but 4. It was like this everytime the can got to me, I hit the can 4 lungfulls everytime for at least an hour.

After I took the first lungfull I could feel the effects coming on to me, but that didn't stop me, the second and third were the most powerful amounts of air duster I have ever felt in my life, but that STILL didn't stop me, after taking in a 4th lung full of the air duster, my world basically flipped itself upside down, I tried to stand up, but all I had done was divebomb under my bed and slam my head onto the floor, my friend picked me up as I am still spacing out and wondering what is going on. We proceed with the dust-a-thon. One of my friends left the room to use the restroom, I sat on the floor with my other friend and hit the can, once again 4 times. I hit a k-hole like experience, I fall to the floor not being able to hear feel or move, all I could do was see as my friend panicked to find a heart beat in my chest, those 30 seconds of silence felt like it could have been the rest of my life. The time was about 4 in the morning, after the dusting was over, I felt as if I wasn't the same person anymore. I felt a great deal of stupidity as my brain felt like jello. I couldn't think straight and I felt blank and slow about every judgement and movement I made.
I felt a great deal of stupidity as my brain felt like jello. I couldn't think straight and I felt blank and slow about every judgement and movement I made.
After finally getting to sleep, I felt a bit better about myself in the later morning. But there still wasn't something right. . . .

I found myself, loving that feeling and with my knowledge there was more than 1 can still up in my closet in the hallway, days after that I found myself craving that feeling, to go back into the space like world I was living in and cut all connection with the outside world. I found myself chasing the same high for about a good 2-3 days, and I knew I was good as addicted. There was a couple good scares I got out of this, eventually leading up to the scariest point of all of my Air Dusting days, here it starts from the first scare:

A good day or so after the first birthday dust-a-thon, I decided to pop on my ipod and listen to some good electronica and air dust my brain into heaven once again to see what I could get myself into this time. I experimented past 4 lung fulls, and I took 6 this time. I had half a can left of the first can. (These doses were far more intense than what you've heard already) I seriously pushed that plunger to full force full pressure, 6 lung fulls, I don't remember anything past that but waking up, upon waking up all I kept doing was passing out, or falling asleep, or ended up taking another hit and going back into dream world, That night had me messed up beyond belief, It seemed as if my brain was taking control to get me to kick my bad habit (I had half a can before the 6 hits, after words the can was almost empty). . . I remembered hearing a familiar tune on my ipod, and I thought 'haven't I heard this somewhere before?' In reality what had happened, I heard this before I had spaced out, and I'm guessing my trip that I do not remember has centered around this song, but I sure as hell won't forget that song again.

I had still been continuing using the air duster, no matter how bad of a situation I could have been getting into. I honestly had trouble walking down my own hallways fighting myself to not open up the closet and pick up the air duster and continue to fuck my life up. My mind had gotten to me, as I take the can once again into my room closing the doors shutting off all the lights and dust myself again. As I am dusting I am talking to my two close friends on an instant messanger (I had told them both that I was going to stop abusing air duster and that I didn't need it.) I had confessed to them that I continued using air duster and they were both shocked and dissapointed in me, and this hurt the worst. One of my friends was continuing to put her harsh words towards me, but all it was doing was making me feel worse about myself, also pushing me to inhale more and more of the duster as I continued to do. My other friend had given me a site online to read about, and about the abuse of inhalents, I had seen all the symptons that they could give you and how they could mess you up, I had every one of them....Cold lungs, Very bad respitory problems, head aches, constant ear ringing, every negative short / long term effect you can think of with air duster, I was pretty much in the middle of. But this did not stop me, this feeling was just too damn good. . .

I dusted shortly after this and had a harsh reality check, as I dusted and was pretty much in the 4th plateau of inhalents (total loss of reality, felt meaningless to the world, felt as if I had no body) I had began to think what I was doing with myself was going to end in tradgedy; I felt as if I had a set of chances, and I was scared to figure out how many I had left, I was scared for myself and I knew I was going to die sooner or later from my constant daily abuse, and the worst part of it all was that the mental dependance was so harsh on me, my self pity was not enough to kick my habit....I realized that it was going to take death, or fatal problems to finally get me off this inhalent boat, and soon enough that night I was going to find out the harsh reality of inhalents, and the toll of it all was going to soon take place. (When I was having my harsh reality check on myself a song was also playing and the lyrics spoke to me 'You, and you alone are the ruler of your life, and you alone hold the keys to your universe')

This was the last time I ever touched a can of air duster, or decided to ever put another inhalent into my lungs for the rest of my life. It was about an hour or so after the second scare, I had been sitting on my computer putting on music, and I was going to push it this time to see how much I could really take and to see how high I can possibly go off this air duster. . .The last high amount I had been using at a time was 6 lung fulls (by this time I was having horrible cold breaths, and everytime I would take deep breaths I would be coughing hysterically) I had decided to jump to 9 lung fulls at a time, I knew a dose this high could potentially kill me, or fry my brain, but I honestly looked at it as I had nothing to lose, and so much to gain. I took my normal 6 lung fulls and was feeling amazing, quite nothing like last time, and I continued to spray the last 3 lung fulls into my body, It did not stop after this, I was so stuck in my brain that my only bodily reaction was to keep spraying the duster, my fingers were stuck on the trigger and my lungs kept filling up, I knew that this was going to be the end. . .I snap out of my trance as I am choking to breathe clean oxygen and spitting out every bit of duster in my lungs, I am gasping for breath as I get a rush to my brain on top of the huge air duster rush and I knew something was going on, I felt my brain have alot of pressure on it as if someone was squeezing my head, I was gasping for breath, but trying to stay calm as I eventually was brought back to reality.

I felt no emotion, I felt blank for the rest of the night and I didn't feel normal for a good 2-3 days. I had a splitting headache behind my left eyebrow and all around my left side of my head and constant ringing in my head for the 2-3 days after this scare. I haven't used any type of inhalant ever since that day, I don't want to and I seriously have no desire to touch that shit, and looking back on it now I don't even know what the fuck I was thinking, I'm not one to diss drugs because I am a drug user myself, don't ever trust a fucking chemical, and don't take your life for granted because I did and that ws the stupidest fucking mistake I have ever made.

Final Thoughts:
Looking back on day one of the duster. . . when your sitting with your close friends inhaling duster because you think its cool, and you think your fucking superman and your never going to die, and your gonna be that lucky one that gets away with doing that kinda shit your whole life, your sadly mistaken. I was sitting in that exact room that day thinking the same thing, then I had to step into the harsh reality and accept the fact I was addicted to a god damn chemical, and it was potentially out to ruin my life. So please think again with every choice your going to do, with every drug there is a dumbass like me who has to abuse and pretty much lose it. But if your reading this story of mine, hopefully you reconsider messing around with air-duster.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75266
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 16, 2018Views: 7,575
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