Inhalants (also Glue; Freon; Duster; Propellant; Solvent; Gasoline; Petrol; Butane; Propane; Ethane) Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(63 Total)

Very Highly Recommended Passing the Course William Inhalants - Glue 2007 Jun 09
Recommended A Way Through Sickness Trip Inhalants 2009 Jul 26
Recommended Sudden Meaning to Abstract Childhood Thought NukeItGood Diethyl Ether & Inhalants (Starter Fluid) 2006 Dec 12
Recommended Can of Joy, Can of Self-Destruction Chris Inhalants - Duster 2006 Sep 01
Recommended A Second World Apricey Inhalants - Gasoline 2006 Jul 25
Recommended The Sensorum Featus Inhalants - Butane 2006 Jul 10
Recommended The Depths of Brain Damage Crystal Inhalants - Gasoline 2006 Jun 28
Recommended A Corrupted Blank Slate Gary UK Inhalants 2006 Jun 21
Recommended The Lost Years Convoy Inhalants - Gasoline 2005 Jun 06
The Nonsensical Epiphanies Aetherholic Inhalants - Diethyl Ether 2017 Nov 24
Glade and Gore Anna Inhalant - Glade Air Freshener 2015 Dec 13
The Gasoline Experiments of a Child Mr. Myriad Sight Inhalants (Gasoline) 2012 Apr 13
Butane Realities Boo Inhalants (Butane) 2011 Apr 07
One Hit Chipper Duster 2010 May 11
Couch of Duality Jonathan Inhalants - Gasoline 2009 Sep 01
Falling From Nowhere Sucker Inhalants - Butane, Cannabis & Tobacco 2007 Sep 04
God Spoke to Me Through Ethyl Jaz Clean-n-Serene Inhalants (Chloroethane) 2007 Aug 29
Strange Days Out in the Yard Gregarious Inhalants (Gasoline) 2007 May 20
Never Ever Again BosnianInKY Inhalants - Gasoline 2006 Jul 14
The Worst Thing Ever Daytripper Inhalants - Gasoline 2006 Jul 05
Dancing with the Devil Comfortably Numb Diethyl Ether & Inhalants (Starter Fluid) 2006 Jun 18
Childhood Memories Relived Jordan Inhalants - Gasoline 2006 Jun 06
It Hates Me Sdragoon Inhalants - Gasoline 2006 May 04
Notes On The Proper Method To Destroy My Brain Headrift Gasoline 2005 Sep 25
A Few Huffs from Death cobra Inhalants - Gasoline 2004 Sep 17
Inhalant Dreams, Inhalant Nightmares Dan Inhalants (Propane) 2003 Feb 12
Definitely Not Worth It Rebecca Inhalants (Computer Duster) 2021 Jan 19
Dusting On Friend's Birthday Duster1 Inhalants (Air Duster) 2018 Oct 16
Robot Overlords and Waiting Until You're Older Jungle Girl Butane 2018 Jun 02
A Dangerous Companion Night Owl Inhalants - Glue 2018 Feb 12
Watching My Body Lie Breathless Farfromfine Inhalants - Freon 2009 Jan 03
Acetone-Fueled Nights Nihil Inhalants (Glue) 2007 Nov 30
Arjay Moses Inhalants - Glue 2007 Sep 19
The Bench Lady Grandma Bench Inhalants - Gasoline 2006 Jun 01
Woozy With A Slight Headache Kevin Inhalants (Aerosol Engine Starter) & Rubber Cement 2005 Sep 21
23 Years With The Glue Gods Seb Glue 2005 Jul 17
Gasoline Galore! Karizmaticka Inhalants - Gasoline 2005 Jul 11
Please Don't Sniff Inhalants WorstMistakeofmyLIFE Butane, Isobutane & Gasoline 2005 Jun 30
I Feel Like Rubber Glue Inhalants: Rubber Cement 2002 Jan 16
Cheaper Than Cigarettes Irimias Inhalants: Trichloroethylene 2001 Dec 18
Danger Past User Inhalants: Duster 2001 Apr 08
This Stuff Does Make Me Retarded DarkSide Inhalants - Starter Fluid 2001 Mar 01
I Didn't Know Why It Happened John Inhalants: Cleaning Solvent 2001 Jan 15
A Lingering Taste Elenor Inhalants: Gasoline 2000 Sep 11
I'd Rather Be Gas Huffing Special Mike Inhalants: Gasoline 2000 Sep 10
Accessible, Addicting, but Fun Clampet Inhalants: Freon 2000 Sep 10
Spiritual Experience Alex Inhalants (Butane) 2007 Jun 23
The World of Deja Vu Blaze Inhalants (Gasoline) 2007 Jun 20
Losing Grip of Reality Anonymous Inhalants (Gasoline) 2007 Jun 19
It Fried My Brain Forever Anonymous Inhalants (Gasoline) 2007 Jun 19
The Greatest Thing Ever? No Breat Inhalants (Gasoline) 2007 Jun 16
Dusting Off IowaPunker Inhalants (Duster) 2007 Apr 16
Two Years to Recover Greg Inhalants - Gasoline 2006 Jul 19
Addicted to Gasoline Eniac Inhalants - Gasoline 2005 Jun 30
Icarus and the Fractal Sky Dougal Inhalants (solvents) 2004 Apr 05
A Note From Someone Who Works on AC Units Smoke Inhalants: Freon 2002 Feb 18
The Can and the Bag DillonFucc Inhalants 2019 Nov 23
I Got Hooked and Stupid mr. man Inhalants (Duser) 2019 Sep 18
Drowning in a Binge Phishy Inhalants 2019 Jul 08
An Interesting Depressent centuri Inhalants (Chloroethane) 2018 Sep 12
Dabbling for About a Year Pharmacist Inhalants - Gasoline 2018 Sep 12
I Am the Devil Kotton Inhalants (Gasoline) 2007 Jun 20
Wha Wha Wha Wha LanšaFan Inhalants (Chloroethane) 2007 Mar 14

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