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Touching God
Inhalants(duster), Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   My Own Reality. "Touching God: An Experience with Inhalants(duster), Alcohol & Cannabis (exp12547)". Erowid.org. May 22, 2007. erowid.org/exp/12547

1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  0.5 bowls oral Alcohol - Hard (edible / food)
    repeated inhaled Inhalants (gas)
[Erowid Note: Our understanding of the literature is that there is no such thing as safe recreational use of volatile solvents, aerosols and other street inhalants : their psychoactive effects are inseparable from nerve and organ damage. We have chosen to include these reports to help document the real world use of inhalants, but their inclusion is not intended to imply that they are anything but dangerous.]

I've done air duster in the past, in 8th grade I discovered it would alter me by acident, I breathed some while experimenting with the cans ability to freeze things when you pointed it upside down. I did it a on numerous occasions but generally never more than a few breaths. Then I started getting easy access to marijuana and soon forgot about it.

It's been almost 2 years since then but a couple week ends ago I found that my girl friend had bought some for her computer. The next night our friend J, my girl, and I were staying at her house. I rolled a blunt, smoked it, then I split a bowl of 2x Jello shots with J. After word we were watching TV when J and I started passing the can back and forth. I was rather drunk and was much amused by the simple high going up and coming back down with a weedy little space in between. After analyzing our method of inhaling I decided it wasn't efficiant enough. I devised an inhalant method by which I poked a hole in a stirefoam cup, put the red straw in and swallowed my whole mouth with it, now time to test it out.

The cross between pot, booze, and the after glow of the inhalant was making my very energetic, so I decided to do it standing, and skipped to an open spot in the floor. I put the apparatus to my face, took a short breath of full on duster, breathing it out my nose after a few seconds, then a huge potent second hit with out even a breath between. I held this one, I kept getting higher and higher, I remember seeing my girl friend scared. I felt so great and it was getting better, the room was so bright and beautyful it had a godly overtone to it, I was trying to calm her fear but I was so into the parallel reality that I couldn't seem to get out the words to tell her it was ok. I couldn't finish my sentance because every time I would start speaking I would shift into a parallel reality that very much reminded me of smoking pot in her garage after new years.

Back and forth I would go garage, living room, over and over again countless times, I remember it was like I was geting the answer to every question I needed to know, having 3 universes to see through. I could watch my hallucinations as a 3rd party as well as in first person. Still holding the breath I sinked even deeper into the the universe. I guess I closed my eyes because every thing got very dark, with all my questions answered I felt like I was pristine, simply existing in the universe, it was sublime, euphoric, enlightening, and simply wonderful, a phenominon that the only word that even comes close to describing it is God.

The peak was on and almost ready to go down hill, I remember being aware of this and knowing that when I hit my highest note it would hit hard and hurt after words, but not caring because it would be worth it. It happened, and like the giant I am I tripped over the ottoman and fell like a giant tree, slamming the back of my head into her carpeted floor. My head hurt but that was ok, I had taken a breath when I fell(I think) and I slowly started descending out of the fog, and after a few more breaths I opened my eyes again, the world had the godly glow but it was only this one world, born out of the firey clash of the two before it. The world was so bright and the first thing I saw was my girl friend taking the duster away, I remember not knowing who she was but that she was familiar and some one who I really love. That was probably one of the most beautiful places in memory. After some more breathing the world started going back to normal, memory came back very quickly and was accompanied with an energetic happyness I quickly began laughing histerically and raving about touching god.

My head hurt and after a short arguement with my girl I went to bed knowing I scared her and that she would understand when I explained the next morning. I slept very well that night, despite being awoke at 3 in the morning and being asked to brave the cold house to get a glass of water, which I happily did. I have explained what happened to a few close friends and my girl. The impact of getting back in touch with a spiritual side of me has produced wonderful effects, the past week and a half has been wonderful I feel much closer to my feelings, my girl friend, and other loved ones.

I tried recrating the effect last week end with a kava+booze+duster combo but found that I had reached my cieling with that drug, it is boring, and only acted as a catalyst to bring alot of thing that have been happening all together, and I have know desire to use it again any time soon. How ever I am glad that it happened and that the forces at work within the air duster for giving me that expierince.
-My own Reality

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12547
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: May 22, 2007Views: 17,501
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Inhalants (29) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), Combinations (3)

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