Heroin (also Smack; Horse) Reports - First Times
First Times
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Recommended Is This What People Call Fun tinyidiot Heroin 2016 Mar 21
Recommended For Better or for Worse burton Heroin 2015 Dec 10
Recommended My Night with the Morphine Orphan Observer Heroin (China White) 2009 Jan 10
Recommended Free, Warm, Content, and Relaxed Lane Heroin 2007 Oct 22
Recommended A Pleasant Relief Kaltoon Heroin 2007 Feb 06
Recommended The Most Intense Nothingness Silver Heroin 2001 Nov 23
Shortest Addiction Ever jmoney Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Ended Up Smoking 4 Nights in a Row curiositycuredthecat Heroin 2016 Jul 02
Jamming to Nodding Off Unsterblich Heroin 2015 Dec 27
Not The Next Dope Sick Junkie Baddshit Heroin 2007 Aug 20
I Can't Stop Dancing With Mr. Brownstone Anonymous Heroin 2007 Jun 26
Always Be With Me Oblivious Heroin 2007 Apr 28
Crossing Borders Blind Squid Heroin 2007 Feb 27
Virgin Veins Have Left the Building I.B. Surprised Heroin 2006 Apr 21
The Twilight of Reality Recoveryguru Heroin 2003 Feb 13
First Time Doubt the Last Muffins Heroin 2020 Nov 02
Nothing Special Daniel S. Renegade Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 20
On a Whim oneiro Heroin 2020 Aug 20
Been There Done That Fatally Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Dangerous Bliss - New Found Heaven Twiggy Heroin (China White) & Cannabis 2020 Aug 18
Sick, Itchy and Numb Wylin Heroin & Cannabis 2020 Jun 03
My Precious Waste of Time DizA Heroin 2019 Sep 05
The Perfect Nap Curious person Herion 2019 Jan 03
Slow Love Jim-Jim Heroin 2018 Jun 05
A Journey to the Dark Side of Life pdna Heroin 2018 May 20
Birth of a Junkie AliVZ Heroin 2018 May 20
Taste Like Vinegar, Feels Similar to XanaX Delsym420 Heroin 2018 May 11
Not the Help I Expected Mike Heroin 2018 Apr 19
Getting Hardcore For The First Time... mr. brownstone Heroin 2017 Nov 28
My First Two Lines; Effective But Not Amazing notuserfriendly Heroin 2017 Nov 28
Ryan's House Lewis Heroin 2015 Dec 28
First Injection Jaiblin Heroin 2010 Jan 08
Tingly Vibrations Qualityplant Heroin 2010 Jan 06
Content Emptiness Gary Heroin (Black Tar) 2009 Jul 21
Opening the Unclosable Doors Voyager Heroin 2008 May 01
Crashing Waves Csc Heroin 2008 Jan 01
Dropped into the Night Codrum Heroin 2007 Aug 25
More Than Expected Killor Heroin 2007 Apr 28
Hey It Happened Man Nsjmytku Heroin 2006 Dec 15
Vomit Marathon Kommanda Heroin 2006 Apr 26
The Best Times I Have Ever Had Ferreally Heroin 2006 Apr 24
So I Decided to Try It volcomstoner Heroin & Alcohol 2006 Feb 23
Fantastic Experience With a Catch SickGirl Heroin 2005 Jul 21
A Few Lines on Heroin Benjamin Heroin 2005 Jul 12
On The Floor Skunk Boy Heroin 2003 Aug 12
The Needle of Death Bj Heroin 2001 Nov 21
First time on the Horse Crackpipe Heroin 2001 Feb 21
Nothingness Travis Heroin 2000 Oct 18
Not the Shit Blaze Heroin 2000 Sep 11
My Frst Ride on the White Train dantheman92 Heroin 2021 Aug 14
I Felt Like Hugging the Devil Himself mondo Heroin 2020 Nov 05
Not as Evil After All holt Heroin 2020 Aug 22
Early Night Bill Heroin 2020 Aug 20
Nearly Fatal but Great the wrong one Heroin 2020 Aug 20
Comfortably Numb HippieLove Heroin 2020 Aug 20
Not What I Expected Lordofterror Heroin 2020 Aug 20
7 Seconds sam Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Nothing Else Matters averie717 Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Euphoria Mr. Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 19
The Final Nail in the Coffin Damien Heroin 2020 Aug 18
In Love Amber Heroin 2019 Sep 05
Finally, the Big One I.B. Surprised Heroin 2019 Sep 03
Life's Too Short Anonymous Heroin 2019 Sep 03
No Longer a Bad Idea sigea Heroin 2019 Jun 19
Either Overrated or I Got Ripped Off Brett Heroin 2019 Apr 24
The Couch Became My Friend Trips Heroin 2018 Nov 08
The Dorm OC 80's Heroin 2018 Jun 16
Dream Into Nightmare Mass Ave Heroin 2018 Jun 16
Let Me Get 3 Blows diablita Heroin 2018 Apr 19
Disappointing But Relaxing T_$torm Heroin 2017 Nov 21
My Dance With Mr. Brownstone Mad Dash Heroin 2017 Nov 14
A Very Sleepy Day Seismic Heroin 2017 Sep 15
First Time Shooting Stars Twigburst Heroin 2006 Apr 21
First Shot, Look What I've Been Missing UndercoverCandyKid Heroin 2021 Aug 14
Struck Gold Pisces-Man Heroin 2021 Mar 16
Just One Dance Is All It Takes WalkDaddy Heroin 2020 Nov 12
I Don't Know if I'll Ever Do It Again Unconcious Conscious Heroin (China White) 2020 Aug 20
The Enjoyable & Opiated Self-Satisfaction Aaron Heroin 2020 Aug 20
Best Feeling OC80 Heroin 2020 Aug 19
A Dreamy Drug SuGaR420 Heroin & Cannabis 2020 Aug 19
Nothing to Something With One Hit inthevein Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Cheaper but Still Feels Just as Good Mike L. Heroin 2018 Nov 06
Every Worry I've Ever Had Was Gone DragonChased Heroin 2018 Jul 26
Like a Warm Blanket Was Wrapped Around Me DMH Heroin 2018 Apr 09
A Gentle Tide of White HMJROBOCOKE Heroin 2018 Apr 09
Finger Tips Scream Orgasm Reed Heroin 2018 Jan 14
Bliss Anyone? dilated_pupils Heroin & Various 2016 Dec 20

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