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Ryan's House
by Lewis
Citation:   Lewis. "Ryan's House: An Experience with Heroin (exp71866)". Dec 28, 2015.

1 hit smoked Heroin


Well, I’m fifteen years old and I live in a small town in Arizona. And unfortunately nothing really exciting happens in this town too often. Which is most likely why most of the young people who live here really like to get in a lot of mischief ‘n what not. Those who aren’t afraid of the consequences at least. The day I first tried heroin was just like any other day. Boring, hot, miserable… Being on a pretty tight leash with parents, it was always very difficult to get out of the house and enjoy myself out of the confines of my room. So when ever I get the chance I always tried to make it my last. Doing what ever I can to satisfy myself until the next time I get out. And when I mean out, I mean my friend Ryan‘s house.

Ryan, he’s not really a friend, more like someone I need something from, who needs something from me. In this case, I needed drugs, and he needed money, to buy drugs. But we have something’s in common not pertaining to being drug users, like our taste in music and movies ‘n such. So hangin’ with him isn’t all that bad.

As I said, this was just any normal day, or at least I thought it was. My parents let me out for the night so I walked on over to Ryan’s house. Expecting to get really stoned or something, and eventually ending up watching Fear and Loathing for hundredth time. I eagerly ran into his house without knocking or anything and continued to his dwelling. When I walked in and I surprised him and another one of his friends. Ryan, thinking it was one of his parents, freak out and threw his lighter at me. After he calmed down and realized it was just good ol’ Lewis. He offered me a seat on his once probably comfortable futon.. But over time, it had eventually felt like I was sitting on a rock. Jack, Ryan’s friend, quickly handed me a piece of tin foil with these black streaks on it. I asked “what is this”. then Jack said “its heroin, you don’t have to try it, but its there if you want it”. …I sat and thought about it for what seemed to be hours. I remember taking one look at Ryan, than taking one deep breath. And asked “How do I take it”.

After they explained to me how to “chase the dragon” as they put it. I quickly prepared myself for what I was about to do. I gently placed the straw into my lips, flashed the lighter, and leaned in to suck the pure white reversed water fall into my lungs. After taking in the hit for about thirty seconds. I exhaled, and instantly felt as though every muscle in my body turn into jello. It was a sensation I never quite felt before in my life. Time no longer existed, every one of my worries seemed to just thin out in the air like the smoke. The rock hard futon was now like one of those beds in a fancy hotel. Never would I imagined such a calm, relaxed state of being without this drug in my body. but I was feeling it at that time. There just aren’t enough adjectives to describe how I felt. I slowly leaned back onto the bed and drifted off in my new, never before, quite so clear thoughts. I was so in touch with myself and felt like a completely new person, someone with hopes and dreams and something to live for.

But, this feeling was short lived, not more than about an hour after smoking my first hit, the felling was gone. The only thing I wanted was to experience that feeling again, and again, and again. Because once I'd felt something so great as the feeling heroin gives me, I just cant imagine not feeling like that all the time, and imagine to continue viewing my life the way I used to see it. It really is to good to be true.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71866
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Dec 28, 2015Views: 3,790
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Heroin (27) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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