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Hey It Happened Man
by Nsjmytku
Citation:   Nsjmytku. "Hey It Happened Man: An Experience with Heroin (exp45513)". Dec 15, 2006.

200 mg IV Heroin (powder / crystals)


I had begun working at a fucking bar in my home town as a cook the summer after my senior year. It was pretty grueling, as most of the people that worked there were dumb chads and self proclaimed 'football all stars'. I was addicted to cocaine at the time, and felt no immediate urge to differ from the wonderful drug, often cutting lines in the bathroom to help pass time between frying burgers and salting fries.

I met a dude named ryan, who was about 30 or so and we began to hang out alot, smoking crack after work and getting drunk at my parents. However, Ryan was a junkie by trade, and kinda pressed the idea on me that heroin was, and I quote, 'the fucking shit.' So shortly after, we began to inquire local drug dealers about scoring some smack. Eventually our requests were answered and we bought a gram of fine brown powder for 50 bucks. We were staying in a hotel in Austin, Tx at the time and quickly returned there.

I had shot cocaine and meth before, but I had never injected heroin. Ryan poured a small mound into each of our spoons and together we drew up about 20 ml's of water into our syringes and doused the dope in it. I let the mixture settle for a moment before I held the lighter under it and dropped the cotton and pulled up the brown liquid. Afterwards, I did what had to be done and sent the needle's contents into my left arm slightly above my wrist.

Immediately I felt a warm tingle surge through my body, and everyone of my body's senses began to feel slightly dulled. My stomach felt warm and uneasy, kinda how you feel right before you puke. My breathing and heart rate slowed and moving at all became impossible. My brain's endorphin receptors were flooded with signals from the dope, causing a euphoria and emptiness I had never experienced in my life.

I think me and Ryan probably layed on that hotel room floor for hours, maybe weeks. Heroin eliminates any humanly feeling you may have and replaces it with drug-induced blankness. You feel nothign but pleasure, your brain won't recognize simple bodily reactions such as pain or hunger. Your just there, slightly alive slightly dead.
Heroin, is the perfect drug if you want to feel detached from anyone or anythign else. Never have I been so content.

I contined to shoot dope for a short time after that, however I have since rid myself of heroin's persuasive nature. The good times didn't last forever, sickness and tolerance set in and as most junkies know, eventually that shit will consume you. I still sniff coke and occasionally heroin, but for the most part I prefer a good shot of vodka now a days.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 45513
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 15, 2006Views: 27,671
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