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On The Floor
by Skunk Boy
Citation:   Skunk Boy. "On The Floor: An Experience with Heroin (exp7839)". Aug 12, 2003.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  1 line insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)


About two days ago, three of my acquaintances stopped by my house unexpectedly. After the usual formalities, one of them asked me if I had ever tried heroin. I said no. 'Do you wanna try some?' I should have said no. I had decided I wanted to try dope a couple of months ago, but I did not really expect to get the chance so soon. I was a little nervous, so the four of us smoked a bowl first. The supplier of the dope had a $20 bag. He said it was supposedly good stuff and I forget what brand he said it was, but he got it off the streets of Newark. This was actually only his fourth or fifth time doing heroin. I was nervous as hell. He did a line of the fine white powder first, while I watched in anticipation. He laid out half a line for me and about a quarter for one of the others (the guy with the dope owed me some money, and this was how he was repaying me). The other guy didn't want to have anything to do with the shit. After stalling for a few minutes, I finally decided to suck it up, so to speak.

I did half of my share in one nostril, waited a minute, and then did the other half in the other nostril. I was sort of expecting my nose to be numb like from coke, but that did not happen. The supplier told me that when you snort it, it drips in the back of your throat slowly, and as you swallow the drips (which taste nasty and chemically), you get more fucked up. After a couple of minutes I started to feel it. It came on pretty quickly in a wave and I felt dizzy for a few seconds before I realized what was going on. It was a really weird kind of high, not at all like weed. I almost didn't even feel high, just sort of numb and spaced out, but definitely a good feeling. A couple of minutes went by and I started to get hot. I was in the midst of packing another bowl and I remember saying, 'I REALLY don't feel so good.' The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor.

They said I was only out for a few seconds and I hit the cement floor of the garage really hard. They said I just fell and lay on the floor twitching. I didn't feel any pain though. In fact, I felt pretty damn good. I decided I had better not do anymore though, as I soon began to feel a bit nauseous and I was sweating like a motherfucker. Sweat was literally pouring down my face and arms, so I drank a bunch of water and a can of Sprite before I felt okay again. Actually, at this point I felt numb and spacey again, but not as much as before. I also felt a craving in my body for more. I didn't even consciously want anymore dope, but I had this urge in my muscles to do more. The craving lasted about half an hour or so before subsiding, and after about two hours the effects of the dope were pretty much gone. That is about the extent of my first heroin experience. If someone offered it to me, I would probably do it again, although I would never buy it for myself because that craving in my body was so strong I can understand how people get addicted to it so easily.

I would definitely advise against it to anyone with half an ass for a brain, but if you do decide to try it, think long and hard before you make up your mind. Not everyone has the ability to call it quits after half a line; in fact very few people do. I am lucky I was able to reason against doing any more.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7839
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 12, 2003Views: 55,032
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Heroin (27) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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