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Life's Too Short
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous . "Life's Too Short: An Experience with Heroin (exp65245)". Sep 3, 2019.

  bites IV Heroin (liquid)


The first time I tried heroin, was around January of 2007. I was with an acquaintance who I met through an ex girlfriend of mine. I had heard rumors of him being a heroin addict, but figured it was just exaggerations made by teenage high school girls.

Anyway, I was at school one day, and didn't want to be there and this kid was always down to skip school so I found him at lunch and asked him to take me home. On the way, I don't remember how it happened but we got in a conversation about heroin and he gave me that, 'If I had some right now, would you try it?' Of course I said yes being that I was going through that experimental phase, which I'm still in. After I said I would do it, and promised to keep my mouth shut about it and not tell anyone, he pulled over on the side of the road, got out a little piece of paper, unfolded it and dumped out about half of it onto the center console. I hesitated at first but manned up and snorted that little line, thinking it probably wouldn't do anything anyway because it was such a small amount. Whew, was I wrong... about ten minutes later, it started kicking in. it was like vicodin, only much more intense. I felt great but deceided I couldn't go home because I was scared of my mom noticing.

Later on that day, we picked up some 22 year old Hispanic guy from his house and that's when I went on my first trip to the D. That was some scary shit. I had no idea what to expect. We get off the highway and pull up to some abandon apartments and my buddy gets out. Just so you know, he's a little white preppy kid walking through the projects of Detroit. He comes back a few minutes later. On our way back, he pulls off on the side of the highway, him and the other kid get all of their shit ready, and he gives me another half pack to snort. Now, my friend, didn't get too fucked up. but the other guy.... SMASHED. He shot up 7 packs into his hand, after he did that he was too fucked up to take the needle out of his vein.

After that I was with my friend every day. and we did the same thing every day. After about a week, I started shooting it up too. I absolutely loved it. At the time, it was the best feeling I'd ever felt. Everything was amazing while on it. I even enjoyed the puking.

It was all fun for a while. I didn't even realize what was going on at the time. I was too busy enjoying the feeling. Then it got to the point where, I'd be late for work because I was going to the D. I was losing a lot of weight. That's when I decided to stop using so much. It was very easy, I had no withdraws or anything, I felt a slight mental addiction for it, but nothing too bad. This is when I started realizing what my friend was doing to himself.

I started seeing all of his little ways of conning people for their money. He bought more than $120 in dope everyday and didn't have a job or anything. but somehow, everyday, he'd find a way to hustle up some money. He'd get other people to spend their money on it, and charge them extra to get his own fix. One day, we were supposed to do community service because we got caught with a little pot and we skipped that and stole aluminum skirting off of a mobile home and took it back to the scrap yard for a little extra dope money. He'd never go without it. In school, he'd go in the bathroom twice a day to shoot up. This was the first time I started noticing his problem. It was there all along, I just didn't realize it. He had already been hospitalized for it once and given medicine to help him get off and yet he was still doing it. massive amounts. I still didn't understand how bad heroin addiction is so I kept using it every couple days. Looking back, I can't believe I didn't get addicted to it.

I started reading about it on a reptuable harm reduction website and realized what it can do to people.

Once it hit me how serious it is, I started talking to him about quitting and he said he would the weekend coming up if I would stay with him and help him through it. Later on that day, we made our trip to the D. and bought a half gram. It was him, my brother, and I. We were out of needles. so we stopped at a CVS on the way back. My Brother had never tried shooting up H before, and for some reason I wanted him to. We were about to do it, I had two packs and my friend was going to do his four, and I asked him if my brother could try like half a pack, which would be plenty to get him smashed. He said he didn't have enough because he needed it all. Then he decided to quit that day, so he gave my brother a half pack, I did four, and he did seven and a half and saved himself three to help ease him off the withdraws, not that that would help. So we got all fucked up and went on a search for pain pills to help him too but we couldn't find any. Then we went to my house and I told my dad what was going on and that I had to stay at my friends house that night to help him out. At about nine, he did two packs and I did one, and that was it. We went to bed.

At about two in the morning, I woke up and he was next to me puking. His face was blue. He could barely breath. I got up and scraped off the leftover heroin from about forty empty packs and got about a pack and a half out of that. I set him up with half of that and shot it into his arm and he instantly quit throwing up and could breath. His body was that dependent on it. When I woke up for school in the morning, he was doing the same thing, and I did the same thing, then he went downstairs to talk to his grandma. I left for school, just to go to first hour and when I came back there was a note on the door that he's in the hospital.

I thought that was it. I thought it was done. About four days later, he was out of the hospital. His first day out, we went and got more. It was fucking stupid and selfish, and I should have said no, but I wanted it. and for a while, he was doing much better. He had his medicine, so most days he wouldn't do it, but some he would. and from there, it got worse and worse. I quit taking him to get it. That didn't matter, he'd find other ways easy. I was really trying to help him now. I wasn't doing it at all. There was nothing more I could do for him and it breaks my heart to see that happen to such a good friend of mine. It's a damn shame to see and eighteen year old kid completely throwing his life away like that. As wonderful as the feeling is, it's not worth it. He's not going to see age twenty at the rate he's going.

Heroin is not a drug to mess with. Aside from just the addiction. I had another good friend who had to watch his older brother die in his living room floor because he snorted a little bit of heroin that was laced with fentanyl.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65245
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 3, 2019Views: 1,570
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