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Any reports with Animals [49]
Highly RecommendedThe Bad Shaman's SapoErik DavisPhyllomedusa bicolorJun 2 2010
Highly RecommendedSapo: A Medicine or Nostrum?TwixPhyllomedusa bicolorApr 28 2009
RecommendedSlowly Emerging From DarknessEllieBufo alvarius SecretionFeb 4 2020
RecommendedFirst Full Toad BreakthroughCuauhtÚmocToad VenomJul 13 2018
RecommendedTwo Ceremonies with Kaxinawa ShamansSamAyahuasca, Tobacco, Sananga & KamboApr 17 2017
RecommendedRei Kamb˘ is Master Healer!CabocloGuerreiroPhyllomedusa bicolor (Kamb˘) & CannabisNov 26 2010
RecommendedViva la Kambo!SamKambo (P. bicolor venom) & Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis)Jul 8 2010
RecommendedFrog Sweat ~ Matses Rainforest MedicinePeter GormanPhyllomedusa bicolor (Sapo, tree frog venom)Jun 2 2010
RecommendedCarnival Space RideShaggy BHuasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) & Toad VenomOct 27 2007
RecommendedSmOkin' ToAdZSpiney NormanToad VenomJun 26 2000
The Sense of Me or I Fell AwayCuradorBufo alvarius SecretionJun 28 2019
A Healing TerrorPewterBufo alvarius SecretionMay 18 2019
I Love My ToadsRaVeY DaVeY GrAvYToad VenomJun 19 2018
Death Trip but GratefulGothmogToad VenomJun 16 2018
A Day of Bufo Mushrooms FloatationSamB. alvarius secretion, LSD & Mushrooms - P. cyanescensJan 3 2018
The Shaman Who Turned Into a FrogBia LabatePhyllomedusa bicolor (secretion)Aug 23 2012
The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck EggsdumdumboyPhyllomedusa bicolorApr 29 2011
Pefect = Purgative = Perfect Againp4pToad Venom & Nitrous OxideSep 3 2009
Real FirewaterHobbitAnimals - Fire Ants & CoffeeMay 30 2006
Monsoons, Lightning, and the WayexuberantmantraToad Venom (Bufo alvarius)May 19 2006
Pet Store TreasureShard5-MeO-DMT (Toad Venom)Apr 4 2002
NibbanaWaterBufo alvarius SecretionAug 20 2019
All in All Very PositivelewpBufo alvarius SecretionMay 22 2019
I Inhaled Counting Up to TenAhsh CookToad Venom & CannabisNov 29 2018
Life-ChangingCobalt UKBufo alvariusOct 13 2018
Trippin on ToadsJD of CharlotteToad VenomJun 14 2018
Toading Saturday NightDwreckToad VenomFeb 29 2012
Up Your Dose!Moses Spice2C-I & Toad VenomJan 28 2010
Watching the Trees Growvunit86Black Widow Spider, Alcohol & CannabisDec 22 2008
Haven't Cried like that for YearsUmbrellaToolsToad VenomMar 5 2008
Euphoric and OrganizedYellow JacketAnimals - Paper Wasp VenomFeb 16 2008
Batrachian DreamsCzernobog aka Mr. WeToad Venom & CannabisMar 13 2007
I Think It's ShitAnonymousToad VenomJun 6 2006
Toad Sweat ConfessionalMr. WednesdayToad Venom (Bufo alvarius)Jan 3 2003
Be True With the ToadMr Mojo Risin'Toad Venom (B. alvarius)Jul 16 2000
Toad Is the MysteryBobToad VenomJun 26 2000
Struggling Not to PanicTimToad VenomJun 26 2000
Reflections on 5-MeO-DMTSamMushrooms - P. cyanescens & Bufo Toad Venom (separately)May 2 2018
Not Recommended for InsufflationMoshka MushkaBufo alvarius secretionJan 3 2018
Still AliveMurgencyPhyllomedusa bicolor (Kambo)Jan 26 2016
Not In a Hurry to Try It AgainAnonymousToad VenomDec 16 2001
An Eternal Sandstorm of EuphoriaAtroposssBufo alvarius (exudate), Cannabis, Mandrake, Lobelia & PeppermintAug 4 2020
This Great Surge of 'Holy Shit'altruistToad VenomJun 13 2018
Kermit Divided Between Four of UsgrasshoppaToad VenomJun 11 2018
Blinded by the TruthMovenToad Venom (extract)Jun 11 2018
Cerebrial Spinal Fluid and the Dura MaterZeroDogmaToad VenomJan 12 2009
Best Pet EverNymattToad VenomJan 12 2009
I Love the ToadCypherToad VenomOct 7 2005
Homesweet Home, But Not YetWhite RabbitBufotenin, Toad VenomOct 6 2000

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