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Toad Sweat Confessional
Toad Venom (Bufo alvarius)
by Mr. Wednesday
Citation:   Mr. Wednesday. "Toad Sweat Confessional: An Experience with Toad Venom (Bufo alvarius) (exp19855)". Jan 3, 2003.

1 hit smoked Toad Venom (dried)


I work in as pet shop and I am a reptile/amphibian enthusiast
a customer of ours (a wild, unkempt sloth of a man) asked to board a 'rare desert toad' and to 'keep it out of sight'. having known of the colorado river toad and seen it on websites, etc., I was excited.

I waited until we closed, and went downstairs where the toad was kept. I never 'milked' one before so it took a while( and I imagined a lot of lost product) before I got up a good glob of venom. It looked like a popped zit. I smeared it on to a metrocard(NYC) and put it aside to dry. Then I took a slim cigarette I hand rolled and rubbed the toads glands with it. I then let it sit for a bout 20 min, then lit it.

I felt nothing, save anticipation. I let the other clot of venom dry for 3 hours, then came back to my job with a dragon chaser I made (a bic pen, with a bowl of foil suspended from the bottom). I scraped the now flaky white stuff into the bowl, took a moment, and took my hit.

I felt a warm wave starting in the nape of my neck. My ears got hot
as my lungs were fitting to burst. I exhaled and got very dizzy. That passed and I was full-on. i could feel the effects still rising, and the hundred or so cages of breeding cockatiels whistling around my head looked like strange ugly aliens all moving and mercurial. One thing I always do to check how hard I am bugging is look at the palms of my hands, they looked clammy and blotchy. My hands were getting bigger and smaller as I looked at them, and I felt the body rush akin to psilocybin. I noticed I still had some crust in my chaser's bowl, so I folded the foil over and put it in my pocket. Every possible surface was moving. I looked at the veneer on a cabinet door and the grain of the wood was moving along as if it were flotsam in strong current. I went outside take in some air, and the world was two colors. The sky was a greyish indigo, everything below it was dyed orange by streetlights.

By now my trip was going down, so I walked home. I saved the rest of my hit for whenever. I stil have it. My only regret is that I was dead sober about 60 minutes after taking the hit. It was very intense, like the potent 'redcap' mushrooms that go around here. Very nice though. Hooray for amphibians!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19855
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 3, 2003Views: 89,636
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