Wormwood (also Artemisia absinthium) Reports - General
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Pleasant & Subtle Altered Perceptions CautiousExperimenter Wormwood (extract) & Alcohol 2009 Nov 04
The Third Eye Niko Wormwood (extract) & Cannabis 2009 Nov 04
A Magical Herb TheFlyingDutchman Wormwood 2007 Nov 06
Thujone Experiment Catfish Rivers Wormwood 2002 Dec 26
Nomad Tripping Sicky Wormwood & Salvia divinorum 2021 Apr 19
Different but Nothing Special Friedrice118 Absinthe 2018 Aug 08
A Little More Awake and a Bitter Taste Trisk Wormwood - African (Artemisia afra) & Mugwort (Tansy) 2009 Dec 02
The Bitter Errol Wormwood (extract) & Yohimbe (extract) 2009 Nov 04
Disapointing J.N. Wormwood 2009 Aug 06
No Discernible Payoff Rapscallion Wormwood 2008 Jun 03
Drowning My Professor in a Vat of Acid Suicide Messiah Wormwood 2008 Jan 05
Homemade Wormwood Broth Curry Green Thumbe Absinthe (Wormwood& Alcohol - Hard) 2007 Dec 17
A Delightful Romp Sqwirl Wormwood 2007 Dec 17
The Sweet Spot Demonic Dreamer Wormwood & Cannabis 2007 Nov 29
Vaporized gggiiimmmppp Wormwood 2007 Aug 07
Removing the Emotional Shield Beau Wormwood 2007 Aug 06
An Alright Feeling Tits Wormwood 2007 Aug 03
Seeking a Replacement legalstoner Wormwood 2007 Aug 03
Bitter/Sweet Heli0s Wormwood 2007 Jan 12
A Bit Different Archenteron Crisis Wormwood & Cannabis 2007 Jan 12
Doll-House Callius Wormwood 2007 Jan 12
Not Worth It To Me Skandre Wormwood (dried herb) & Alcohol 2003 Jun 03
Wormgood. A wormwood tale. Green faeirie Wormwood Leaf 2001 Jan 20
How to Get Wormwood Down the Hatch, and Trip Rogue Psychonaut Wormwood & Yohimbe 2000 Oct 24
Quiet Conversations Raventhorne Wormwood 2000 Oct 13
Homemade Absinthe RYnaciuos Wormwood & Pernod 2000 Sep 20
Liquid Dog Shit Brokenstoner Absinthe (homemade) 2000 Jun 29
Absinthe Experiment Aseem Wormwood Extract 2000 Jun 11
Bliss, Astral Projection, and Lucid Dreaming In This Twilight Wormwood 2017 Oct 04
Crisp Clear Kavorkian Wormwood 2009 Dec 14
Wavyish Lelekuglamo Wormwood 2009 Jul 22
Giddy Jbo Wormwood (Oil) 2009 Jun 28
Hangover Without the High Robot Wormwood 2009 May 18
Bittersweet Byrd Wormwood 2008 Sep 10
Heightened Concentration Feland Wormwood 2007 Sep 20
Sparkling Blood Running Through My Veins 3 PiE 3 Wormwood 2007 Mar 08
Different Me absolution Wormwood 2004 Oct 05
Psychoactive Properties SkimmerX Wormwood 2001 Dec 29
Vivid Dreams L Wormwood 2022 Nov 10
Mild Enhancement Gandalf_the_Grey Wormwood 2018 Aug 17
Aboriginal Dot Painting Lom Mack Wormwood 2004 Oct 05
Wormwood (NOT Absinthe) Gumby Artemisia Absinthium Essential Oil 2002 Jan 03
Extreme Mellowness AuralChaos Wormwood & Alcohol 2001 Aug 15
Smoked Wormwood Anonymous Wormwood 2001 Apr 26
Homemade Absinthe Really Works datura Absinthe (homemade) 2000 Sep 07

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