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Vivid Dreams
by L
Citation:   L. "Vivid Dreams: An Experience with Wormwood (exp89249)". Erowid.org. Nov 10, 2022. erowid.org/exp/89249

2 Tbsp oral Wormwood (tea)
Having recently bought loose wormwood from a local health food store and researching possible effects/side effects. During my research I found little information as to dosages other than 2 tablespoons give or take for for the riddance of worms and parasites.

Preparation- weighed out 2 tablespoons and placed the leaves into a tea ball, boiled water and let it steep for about 30 minutes. The tea was incredibility bitter, and took about half a cup of sugar to make it tolerable.

Effects- After about an hour I saw mild white-yellow swirls (nothing too noticeable) and had a mild high feeling. After having gone to bed I woke from an VERY vivid nightmare of being attacked by a giant spider on the bed, I remember wanting to yell during the dream but being able to and eventually falling off of the bed (in dream). After which I woke up.

Am willing to experiment with wormwood again in the future and was not an overly unpleasant experience.


Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89249
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Nov 10, 2022Views: 279
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Wormwood (50), Dreams (85) : General (1), Alone (16)

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