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A Magical Herb
Citation:   TheFlyingDutchman. "A Magical Herb: An Experience with Wormwood (exp54200)". Nov 6, 2007.

1 leaf smoked Wormwood (dried)
So I'm a 20 year old guy living in The Netherlands and I like experimenting with herbs that are slightly psychoactive. I'm trying to find a perfect herbal smoking mixture. Having found and bought a couple of these herbs, one day my mom came back home from the gardening centre with a WormWood plant for me. Horray for my mom ,P It grows in our garden now and has grown ridiculously fast in no more that 3 weeks.

In that time I have occasionally snatched pieces of it's leaf, dried it in the oven and smoked it. Some times on it's own, many times with weed, sometimes with Mugwort or with Kinnick Kinnick, A Seoux-Indian Smoking mixture of several herbs unknown to me, and 2 times in combination of all the previously mentioned smoking herbs. I found the effects of WormWood, especially with weed, to be slightly psychedelic and very deeply relaxing.

I have just taken a very large leaf, dried it in my oven and rolled it into a Wormwood Joint with Tobacco. I'm about to spark it up and take acurate note of the effects.

*NOTE: I'm still comming down from lots of weed after a day of non-stop pot and hash smoking


It's lit and the smoke is really pleasant and tasty. Kind of minty-fresh and soft on my throat. The muscle relaxing and mind calming effects are noticable almost immediately. Just as with weed I get a slightly increased heart rate. But for the full effect I gotta keep smoking it so if you'll excuse me :P


I'm now half way through the wormwood-joint, slowly smoking it, holding the smoke in my lungs for a long time and exhaling through my nose, a trick that also gets me like 10 times higher on weed, and very obviously a body and a mind high come over me. The body high is actually very similar to weed, accept that it more numbs my body in a way that I feel very very light, almost a floating sensation, in contrary to weed which makes me feel rather heavy (or ''stoned''). I also get some sort of flowing sensation through my body, especially in my limbs.

Also, as opposed to weed which generally makes me rather lethargic, clouded and energyless, the wormwood smoke actually makes me very clear minded. Strongly enhancing my ability to focus on 1 single thought, object, subject, etc. Perhaps a good ''learning-drug'' for students? The buzz is pretty pronounced and definitely much more euphoric than a pot-buzz. In fact I'm so high that only this piece of text alone took me about 8 minutes to write :P


I relight my joint and smoke it all the way to the tip. It's finished and now I'm even higher. The effects of wormwood are hard to explain. It totally isn't a full blown overwhelming psychedelic but it does definitely get me in the psychedelic state of mind. Right now I find it very easy to stare at, in example, the ceiling, and let my imagination ''project'' patterns and ''energy fields'' on it. Not as solid as mushroom induced visual patterns but definitely of the same kind. Closed eye visuals are also very colorful, vivid and immediately there when I close my eyes. It's not a very overwhelming experience and wouldn't call the visual effects ''Hallucinations'' but it definitely comes pretty close.

I think I would have to say that I had ''hyper-imagination'' (Is That a Word? It is Now ,P) rather than ''hallucinating''. Overall I would say the effects of Wormwood are definitely slightly psychedelic and bring a state of complete total serenity, calmness, well being and clearmindedness.


I'm still pretty spaced out and from my previous experiences with smoking wormwood I know that I'll probably feel the afterglow of the effects 'till 3 days afterwards. In fact, I have found that smoking a lot of Marijuana joints, in the 3 days after I had smoked wormwood, can re-trigger the wormwood effect and let's me reach a sort of plateau of long lasting ''psychedelic high-ness'' and do so like 10 times stronger than the effect during the initial wormwood smoke. Also it brought me and 3 friends mushroom flashbacks. Well, so much for my wormwood smoking session this night.

Some interesting things from my previous wormwood experiences. In that time I had experiences weak but yet very defenite hallucinations that came very close to mushroom hallucinations, accept they were very brief and only happened about 3 times. Mushrooms send me in a non-stop hallucinative mindset. One night I had smoked wormwood with friends in a herbal joint together with Kinnick Kinnick, mugwort and weed. Later when my friends left I was preparing to go to bed. Walking up the stairs and suddenly seeing a ray of light at head height swinging at my face was perhaps the most obvious ''hallucination''. So obvious that I actually found myself ducking to avoid getting hit by it and then being like ''What the hell?'' and actually being amazed and realising I actually just experienced something so close to a mushroom hallucination.

On another day, 3 days after having smoked wormwood, I was sitting in a garden of a friend of mine with several other friends: who had also smoked wormwood with me 3 days earlier. The sky was dawning and I found it very easy to ''Imagine'' (rather than ''hallucinate'' perhaps) all sorts of patterns and flower type of shapes in the sky. Also I constantly ''saw'' kaleidoscopic colorful tunnels that seemed to come at me at high speed. Different ones all the time. Not only in the sky. Even when I looked down on the ground. I really would have to say it is very similar to ''Third Eye Visuals'' (NOT CEV's) for those who are familiar with that. Seeing with something else than you're physical eyes: your mind's eye.

I definitely can't wait for my plant to mature so I can chop it's tops and leafs and smoke it pure. Also I'm going to make Wormwood tea and extract the psychoactive substance found in WormWood: Thujone and then cook it into a very strong, pure ''Thujone-hash'' which should produce a much stronger wormwood high when smoked.

Yeah, wormwood is a very very interresting herb. A magical one for sure.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54200
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 6, 2007Views: 113,335
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Wormwood (50) : Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1), Alone (16)

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