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Wormwood (NOT Absinthe)
Artemisia Absinthium Essential Oil
Citation:   Gumby. "Wormwood (NOT Absinthe): An Experience with Artemisia Absinthium Essential Oil (exp4796)". Jan 3, 2002.

  oral Wormwood (extract)
With scant information out there about the use of wormwood extract, I experimented and am here to share my results so that others may know. Realize that buying wormwood and steeping it into liquor or buying the oil and mixing it does not constitue making absinthe. I have had Absinthe when I lived outside of the USA, and decided to see what a concoction of wormwood and alcohol would do. The following are the subjective results of a dose slightly too low, and slightly too high.

I bought an oz of Atremisia Absinthium Essential Oil from an internet supplier to see what it would do. On a first try, I was quite cautious and used 2.5 mL and mixed it with a shot of vodka although the green liquid floated to the top eventually despite mixing. I felt a bit off baseline after about 10 min, and then the feeling slowly trailed off. Nothing spectacular. I felt fine the next morning.

A couple of nights later, my second try was with 6 mL of extract, again mixed with vodka. I felt again off baseline, but this persisted throughout the night. Upon going to bed about three hours later, I still felt a bit off. I felt a wee bit naseous, but nothing bad. I slept very little through the night. It was as if my mind wanted to stay up, but I had not given myself any direction to go, and I knew I had to work the next day, so I really wished I could drift off to sleep. The next morning, I was understandably tired, and when I burped a couple of times, it had the smell and taste of the wormwood. Although unpleasant, I feel I should mention that for the next three days or so, my stool left the toilet water slightly green and smelled strongly of wormwood.

Conclusion: If you want true absinthe, search the internet and buy it from overseas. For a thujone/alcohol experience at a fraction of the price, 4 mL seems like a good amount, combined with a good amount of alcohol. It seems to increase your alcohol tolerance and interact well with it. The effects are fairly long lasting. You can down the umpleasant tasting 4mL at once, and then drink your favorite drink for the rest of the night. It is somewhat enjoyable at the right dose, but nothing spectacular like it has been romaticized to be, in my opinion. Subjectively the feeling is about the same as Absinthe, but the taste and experience of drinking it doesn't compare.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4796
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 3, 2002Views: 14,173
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