Nutmeg (also Myristica fragrans) Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
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Recommended Trance-Dream Scenery and Going Through Hell Jack McQuade Myristica fragrans (Mace) 2016 Jun 10
Recommended Not for Me Daytripper Cannabis & Nutmeg 2016 Feb 12
Recommended Oh Me OD FryingPan Nutmeg 2007 Oct 18
Recommended Early-Morning Dementia Tyutchev Nutmeg & Methamphetamine 2007 Apr 24
Recommended Intense Gloom Roon Nutmeg 2007 Feb 07
Recommended The Little Tripper Who Couldn't Marquis Nutmeg 2006 May 26
Recommended Feeling Would Not Go Away Browserbot Nutmeg 2005 Mar 23
Recommended Freak-out -- My 'Words' Were Gone Dion Nutmeg & Morning Glory 2004 Dec 01
Recommended J-Tree: An Unforgettable Night MARK Nutmeg 2004 Oct 04
Drymouth City Inexperienced Nutmeg 2023 Apr 09
Two Days Before the Dizziness Wore Off beckiii Nutmeg 2020 Apr 25
A Long, Slow Ride Joe Nutmeg 2015 Dec 07
Disappointing for the Heavyset Fellow Scipio Nutmeg 2009 Sep 08
Frightening to Say the Least NA Nutmeg 2008 Oct 01
Thankful for MCAT Brain Damage Nutmeg, Diphenhydramine & Methcathinone 2008 Sep 04
Drowning in my Bed Tom Nutmeg 2007 Apr 10
Friend or Foe??? Ullysseus Brew Nutmeg 2005 Oct 05
Devil Spice AdyGee Nutmeg 2023 Jul 09
Trial and Error Scientist_D Nutmeg 2021 Dec 05
Nutmegerific Bsplitter Nutmeg 2021 Feb 03
Blackout/Black eye Enthindole Nutmeg 2021 Jan 29
Ugh, Never Again Tom Nutmeg 2018 Jan 30
Vague Memories and 30 Hours of Sleep String Nutmeg 2010 Apr 21
I Was Too Scared To Sleep Willow Nutmeg 2008 Dec 20
There's a Reason it's Not Popular J Nutmeg 2008 Jul 26
The Shakes Inkognito Nutmeg, Coffee & Alcohol 2008 Jul 20
Creativity Extinguished iNfRA P. Nutmeg 2008 May 13
A Bad Week C.L.E.A.N Nutmeg 2008 Apr 15
The Stupids Times 10 Pr0xy Nutmeg 2008 Mar 27
Music and Time Adrian Nutmeg 2008 Mar 04
That Smell HeardYouLooking Nutmeg 2008 Mar 03
Fell Over Sideways Anon Nutmeg 2008 Jan 12
What Comes After 10? Baz Nutmeg 2008 Jan 12
My Nutty Friend Meg Wattman Nutmeg 2008 Jan 06
It Isn't Worth the Trouble Seraph Nutmeg 2007 Nov 16
An Unexpected High Anonymous Nutmeg 2007 Nov 08
Thumbs Down, Not for Me Mrjones Nutmeg 2007 May 19
Never Again Anonymous Nutmeg 2005 Jul 20
Psychosis Plant Nutmeg 2004 Aug 20
Hell No! Cuisinart Nutmeg 2002 Feb 20
Nutmeg - Never Again The Cams Nutmeg 2002 Jan 04
2 Day Hangover from Hell all eyez on me Nutmeg 2001 Nov 28
Spice Damage Lloyd Nutmeg 2001 Apr 17
Crazy Nutmeg Nathalie Nutmeg 2000 Oct 20
Curiosity Smudge Nutmeg 2000 Oct 18
The Eye of the Nutmeg Anonymous Nutmeg 2000 Oct 09
My Kingdom for a Tranquilizer Jim I. Walker Nutmeg 2000 Jun 26
Too Intense for Comfort Anonymous Nutmeg 2000 Jun 26
Backwards Masking LuridHope Nutmeg 2018 Apr 30
The Hangover legalizeit808 Nutmeg 2018 Mar 25
Who Would Have Thought It Tumble Weed Nutmeg 2005 Jan 19
Nutmeg Not Worth It Tryp Nutmeg 2003 Sep 30
Too Intense for Comfort Anon Nutmeg 2002 Feb 20
Nutmeg Shit Me Up! Gus Nutmeg 2000 Jun 26
Crazy Shit seoulangel Nutmeg 2019 Jul 10
Not Worth It nutmeg Nutmeg 2018 Jul 15
I Was About to Call for an Ambulance T.T._Donny Nutmeg & Alcohol - Beer 2018 Jun 05
Not a Wink of Sleep capillaris Nutmeg 2003 Feb 28
Nutmeg is a Commitment. K-Razy George Nutmeg 2001 Dec 23
Never combine too many drugs! Datura goddess Datura, DXM, Hydrocodone, Methylphenidate, Nutmeg, Alcohol & Cannabis 2000 Nov 16
Mixed Feelings, but Mostly Bad Jamie M. Nutmeg 2000 Oct 25

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