A Long, Slow Ride
by Joe
Citation:   Joe. "A Long, Slow Ride: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp67962)". Erowid.org. Dec 7, 2015. erowid.org/exp/67962

2 Tbsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
My Nutmeg trip at school


December 16, 2007 (Sunday night before Finals Week)
I was a bit anxious about my finals. I hadn't studied very hard, and didn't feel very confident. I tried not to let it bother me, but I couldn't help it. I felt like getting high to ease the stress. After all, less stress = better grades, regardless of how much studying was involved. However, I had no weed. I wasn't on very good terms with my seller either. I had heard people at school talking about how Nutmeg was supposed to produce a high just like weed. I heard that taking it at bedtime will make it kick in when the next day begins. This was my one chance. I headed for my mom's spice collection. I took 2 tablespoons (apparently that's the normal dose) of it out and grinded it with a spice grinder. It was already ground, but I thought a second spin wouldn't hurt. I prepared a cup of coffee to wash the vile stuff down.

After eyeing it carefully for about 3 minutes, I gulped the nutmeg down as fast as I could. It was so disgusting! I like nutmeg in small amounts (like on pies), but this was a whole new experience. I gagged and coughed most of it back up. I had to re-swallow it in small incriments, followed by violent swigs of coffee. After the torture was over, I sat down at my computer. I thought to myself that nutmeg and coffee really didn't taste too bad together. I watched a couple of Youtube videos before going to bed, just to see if any ahead-of-schedule effects would kick in. All that came of the waiting was a violent desire to puke. I held it down, though. Sleepy-time. I slept soundly.

December 17 (Monday morning, Around 8:25 AM)
I was violently awoken by my mom screaming at me. I was unaware of how my body was feeling at the moment. My mom was yelling at me because I slept through the alarm. God, that was a peaceful rest... Until my mom came in. I ignored her bitching and slowly got up to get ready for school. My head was feeling weird. Like it was full of water or something. 17 tons of water, sloshing back and forth. I got into the shower. The water felt like a bunch of tiny ants crawling over me. Then my whole body went numb. I got out, and proceeded with my normal morning rituals. Time seemed to be creeping by VERY slowly. I felt like a zombie. I ate my breakfast, which tasted like sawdust. I told my mom to drive, because I 'had a migrane'. She seemed to buy it.

---(I apologize for taking too long explaining my pre-nutmeg experience. I just felt like getting that load off my back. Thanks for being patient; this is where the main story begins)---

The car ride seemed to take about 6 hours. In reality, It took less than 10 minutes. I walked into my school, dizzy as a mofo. Friends were calling out to me from all over, but they seemed to be in like... An alternate dimension or something. Like somewhere distant, yet so close. Their voices seemed to echo around the inside of my noggin. I walked past them, holding my head as if to show that I had a bad headache and couldn't talk. The walk to my first period final seemed to take hours. Everything was going slowly. I took my seat. I had to write an essay. DAMN! To my surprise, it was easy! I felt smarter than any humanly being, and FAR more creative. For he first time of the day, the experience felt a little bit like being on weed! I haven't gotten my grade back, but I feel confident that I did very well.

The rest of the period went by VERY slowly. Seconds literally seemed like hours. Imagine the 'slowdown' of weed multiplied 100 fold. And then take away the euphoric feelings. Finally, the bell for the 30-minute break rang. I don't remember what happened during the break. I only rememebr that it was very slow. Oh yeah, and I ate some mini-melts. That's all I remember about the break. A couple of days (really just 30 minutes) later, the bell finally rang. Time for my Japanese final. The slow trek to the classroom took a rather long time. I had some rivals in Japanese. I often got into fights with them. I finished the test (and totally forgot what it was like). As I walked out the door (I guess the test took the whole period. It seemed to take hours, but none of that time was spent waiting) one of the dillweeds hit me in the arm. Apparently it was a hard hit, because I staggered forward and my arm is still bruised. However I felt no pain.

It was finally time to go home. That entire experience lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes. It seemed to last for days, literally. I found my mom waiting for me. Good thing too, because I was WASTED. She gave my crap for my 'migrane', but nothing worked... Because my migrane didn't exist (lol). I numbly responded to a few questions, none of which I remember clearly. I got home, FINALLY! I went straight to bed. I felt like shit. Imagine being on weed. Then take all the good feelings out. Then add a flu. That's exactly what it felt like. It sucked.

December 18 (Tuesday)

The next day I woke up, feeling really groggy. The water sloshing sensation was still there. It wasn't 'trippy' anymore, though. Just extreme dizzyness. The day, and the 2 finals of the day went by slowly, but not as slowly as the day before. I had trouble peeing as well.

December 19 (Wednesday)

A watered down version of Tuesday, that's all I have to say. By now, I had strong feelings of 'WHEN THE HELL IS THIS FEELING GOING TO END!?'

December 20 (Thursday, last day of finals before Christmas break!)

The shitty feeling had pretty much worn off. I was still mildly dizzy, and puked a few times. That seemed to get the rest of it out of my system, I guess. Did my tests, got home, went to bed. I woke up at about 7:45 PM (I slept about 7-8 hours). I felt fine... Mostly.

That concludes my terrible nutmeg adventure. Here is a basic overview:

-Felt like shit for 3 days
-Mouth was dry
-My body was numb
-I had trouble peeing
-It felt like there was water sloshing around in my head
-Time was passing by EXTREMELY slowly. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!

So basically it was a bit like being on cheap weed. Kind of. Minus the good feelings. Plus a MAJOR slowdown. And nausea.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67962
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 7, 2015Views: 5,853
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