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Two Days Before the Dizziness Wore Off
Citation:   beckiii. "Two Days Before the Dizziness Wore Off: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp72837)". Apr 25, 2020.

20 mg oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
Say No to Nutmeg

I had heard through friends and the internet that it was possible to get high off nutmeg. Intrigued and with little to do I decided upon taking a nutmeg trip. I made my way down to the store to buy my little bag of brown powder and embark upon my journey.

At about 5pm I decided to swallow the powder (I was aware that it took up to 6 hrs to take effect). After swallowing the entire pack (20g) in water, which took about 30mins (it tasted absolutely disgusting and almost made me vomit about 6 times, I cant even smell the stuff without wanting to vomit now) I decided to relax, watch TV and wait for any effect to occur.

T+1hr: I was reduced to shoveling my mouth full of potato chips in order to rid my mouth of the toxic/metallic taste that had me nauseous and dry reaching. Aside from this I didn’t notice any effect whatsoever.

T+2 ˝ hrs: At this point I had become giggly and restless, I was doing stupid little annoying things to bother my brother, I was aware of my behaviour but seemed unable to control it to an extent. I was not sure at this point if I was just experiencing a pseudo effect because I was waiting for something to happen or whether it was in fact a result of the nutmeg.
I was not sure at this point if I was just experiencing a pseudo effect because I was waiting for something to happen or whether it was in fact a result of the nutmeg.

T+3 hrs: The nausea had worsened by now and I had to focus all my energy on not vomiting. I decided I would just sit down again and watch TV, this time alone in my room as I was afraid my family would recognize the change in me and suspect something was up.

T+4 ˝ hrs: After being jolted back to earth by my dog I realized that I had been staring at the TV for about an hour without actually watching it. I felt slightly heavy and upon looking in the mirror discovered my eyes were bright red and my pupils’ minute. It was also painful to look at light. Once again I decided to lie down but as I did I realized my balance was completely off, I felt as if when I slumped onto my bed my head fell slower than the rest of my body and hit the mattress really hard. As I lay there I heard buzzing noises like ringing in my ears and it seemed I could control the pitch with my mind. Intrigued by this I decided I would like to listen to some music. The closest CD I could locate at the time was Ministry of Sound. As I listened to it I began to realize how amazing the music sounded, its hard to describe but everything sounded better and I began to slip into trances.

T+5 ˝ hrs: I had become drowsy and was beginning to fall to sleep, I decided I wanted more out of the experience so I went to get up and make myself a coffee, as I stood I realized I could barley hold myself up and it seemed I would faint, I could feel my heart beating rapidly when I stood, it felt like my chest would burst so I lied back down. By now I had begun to panic. I was laying there thinking “oh my god I’ve poisoned myself, I’m going to die and no-one will even know.” The ringing in my ears was getting louder and I could no longer hear anything else. I knew I was panicking so I tried to calm myself down by remembering that some of what I was experiencing was reported by other users and they were fine so I would be too. I began to feel weird sensations when my wool jumper rubbed against my stomach, like my sensations were heightened, and I became very ticklish for lack of a better word. I was dizzy and almost unable to see by this point but I decided to try once again to stand up and I began to contemplate the idea of telling my parents what I had done so they could watch me. When I failed to stand up once again I went into full panic mode. I wanted to cry but couldn’t and was groping around for my mobile so I could ring poisons information. All I wanted was to get to a hospital so they could resuscitate me if I had really done damage to myself. I was racking my brain to remember what the internet had said about a fatal dose, thinking I had overdone it and was about to die. Looking back it seems stupid but at the time I was terrified.

I decided I had to get to my parents so I crawled out of bed to my door. I figured I would have to stand up or they would think I was crazy so I managed to stand up bent over so I wouldn’t pass out. My dad saw me and asked if I was ok but I just started stuttering and he helped me to his room where mum was. I was trying to get words out but I just ended up managing “I don’t feel good.” She made me lay down on her bed where I then began to breath properly again knowing that at least if something happened they would be able to call an ambulance. I think by this point I stared going between consciousness and not. I woke up to a loud screeching noise which jolted me out of my state and upright, my mother asked me what was wrong, apparently the noise didn’t exist but I could see black splotches in my peripheral vision and my eyes couldn’t adjust to the light. I remember slumping back down in bed, trying to block out the screeching.

The next time I woke up it was morning and my mum was on the phone to the doctor who told her to bring me in to see him. I barely made it to the car without passing out and had no balance whatsoever. After being helped into his office and having an ECG the doctor told me it was probably a panic attack (yes, one that lasted 8 hrs) and sent me in for what I assume was a tox screen to rule out amphetamine use. Eventually I went home. My mouth was dry and I had a headache and ached all over, it was like the flu. I slept for the next 2 days before the dizziness wore off.

Overall it was possibly the worst experience I have ever had. I had no idea it was such a powerful substance
I had no idea it was such a powerful substance
and have been petrified of experimenting with any other hallucinogens from then on. I wouldn’t recommend trying this and I even think in a way I was lucky, I may have felt nauseated but I was never sick.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 72837
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 25, 2020Views: 2,836
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Nutmeg (41) : Alone (16), Hangover / Days After (46), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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