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Drymouth City
Citation:   Inexperienced. "Drymouth City: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp116282)". Apr 9, 2023.

8 tsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
The store bought ground nutmeg was put into a blender with 100 ml of ice cream and some milk. Wildly interested in psychedelics for a long time I'd recently planned multiple excursions into psychedelics. First however I decided to try some easy to acquire nutmeg to experience the delirious effects as I have little experience even with alcohol.

Drank the cup on 17:00 23.3.2022 Tasted bad, an earthy lingering taste while tolerable definitely not pleasurable. Washed down with half a liter of water and a teaspoon of honey to get rid of the aftertaste. Kept drinking water intermittently to lessen the reported negative effects.

17:15 T+ 0:15 First nutmeg burps emerged yay!

17:40 T+ 0:40 A feeling of drymouth started to slowly creep up on me but I kept drinking water to stave it off.

18:15 T+ 1:15 Nutmeg burps continued and a very minor sense of lightheadedness started emerging. Also began to notice slight drying of both nostrils.

18:35 T+ 1:35 Newest development is a slight tightness of my chest and minor drowsiness. Otherwise feeling quite nice but nothing insanely strong yet.

19:15 T+ 2:15 Lightheadedness and dizziness started to creep in and most bafflingly started tasting and or smelling the nutmeg again while breathing.

19:45 T+ 2:45 The sensation of smelling and tasting the nutmeg has gotten quite strong and the nutmeg burps just keep on coming.

20:35 T+ 3:35 The mouth dryness and taste of nutmeg permeate my mouth stronger than before and my eyes are starting to feel a little tired as well.

21:15 T+ 4:15 Feeling a slight buzz and while eating I noticed food tasting distinctly stronger and more flavorful.

21:25 T+ 4:25 Suddenly feel tight-chestedness and slight difficulty with breathing. I also noticed a distinct desire to just keep drinking more water which I obliged to an extent. Along with having a meal my stomach also started giving off some twists and turns. Also a constant feeling of wanting to burp but being unable appeared.

22:00 T+ 5:00 Tiredness of the eyes and general sleepiness. And it's actually kicking in now and the buzz is getting very noticeable.

22:35 T+ 5:35 A sense of euphoria and distortions of balance as well as drowsiness. Really starting to feel like drunkenness especially when it comes to the sleepiness.

23:00 T+ 6:00 It's slowly getting harder to have clear thoughts and a deep drunkenness has fallen over my body. Also getting strong waves of sleepiness and heightened sense of touch and feeling.
It's slowly getting harder to have clear thoughts and a deep drunkenness has fallen over my body. Also getting strong waves of sleepiness and heightened sense of touch and feeling.
Also panicked a bit.

23:05 T+ 6:05 Sense of time is apparently getting distorted cause that 5 minutes felt at least like 15. Tingling in the limbs and a sort of lag between movements caused a mild panic sensation and I quickly google'd the lethal dose of nutmeg for the 10th time just to be sure.

23:10 T+ 6:10 Delirious effects are quite strong indeed but I cleared my panic and am now enjoying the ride more.

23:30 T+ 6:30 Intense feeling of being pulled right. Like the g-force of a turning car but stronger.

23:40 T+ 6:40 Feel what I would call immense tiredness. I feel like I'd been staying awake for 30 hours or something. Not physical tiredness mind you but more a mental sort of tiredness. Bodily effects boil down to the lagging sensation in movements.

24.3 0:00 T+ 7:00 Trying to fight against falling asleep by doing various things. Mainly trying to overload my senses to stay awake. Sense of time is getting really wacky. Drymouth is real!

1:00 T+ 8:00 Still hanging on, playing some siege, a bit antsy still but having fun.

1:35 T+ 8.35 Actual bodily sleepiness is approaching while mixing with the drowsing effect of the nutmeg.

2:10 T+ 9:10 Trying to stay awake by playing minecraft. Drymouth city.

4:00 T+ 11:00 Really starting to get tired but the peak is over I would say. Jamming to free bird.

4:45 T+ 11:45 Went to sleep.

15:15 T+ 22:15 Woke up still reasonably drowsy but thinking has started to return to its normal levels.

16:15 T+ 23:15 Alright the drowsiness is still far from being done. General sluggishness abound.

18:00 T+ 25:00 Feeling pretty chilled out and the effects are probably starting to calm down.

20:00 T+ 27:00 It's still in effect.

25.3 3:00 T+ 34:00 Definitely slowly approaching normalcy but even with actual tiredness creeping over I can still feel it.

3:40 T+ 34:40 Went to sleep.

13:00 T+ 44:00 Woke up.

18:00 T+ 49:00 Still can faintly feel the drowsiness but pretty close to baseline now. Thinking is still a little impaired but mostly to normal levels as well.

26.3 6:00 Went to sleep.

13:00 T+ 68:00 Woke up and still can feel the effects a bit.

21:00 T+ 76:00 It's still somewhat noticeable. This stuff definitely last a while. Thinking has now returned to normal.

27.3 16:00 T+ 95:00 Alright it's been about 4 days and I can say that the delirium has fully subsided and thinking has returned to normal levels. I can however still trigger a lesser state of dizziness while focusing on a screen for example.

Overall the experience was quite enjoyable if long lasting. I never experienced any real negative hangover state except for the dizziness. I'd attribute this to my excessive drinking of water. I also stayed awake for the peak of the effects which allowed me to keep hydrated. The effects were fun but nothing mindblowing.

31.3 T+ 168:00 A week later and the leftover dizziness is now gone. Guess that was the HPPD then.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116282
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Apr 9, 2023Views: 926
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Nutmeg (41) : Alone (16), Multi-Day Experience (13), Hangover / Days After (46), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), General (1)

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