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Thumbs Down, Not for Me
Citation:   Mrjones. "Thumbs Down, Not for Me: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp25897)". May 19, 2007.

T+ 0:00
2 nuts oral Nutmeg (tea)
  T+ 1:30 2 nuts oral Nutmeg (tea)
I decided to try nutmeg after reading numerous tales. It seemed like there was a lot of good to it, so I suppose I was a little too enthusiastic. After considering the numerous possibilities of how to take the nutmeg, I finally decided to go with Malcolm X's supposed reccomendation of a 'penny matchbox full' in a glass of cold water. I ground up 2 nutmegs, which made for about a matchbox, and threw it in some water. Steeling myself for nausea or a vile taste, I was surprised to find that it wasn't that bad. Maybe drinking quickly helped. This was done at around 19.30.

So at around 21.00, I figure nothing seems to be happening. I decide that maybe another nutmeg or two might do the trick. Over the next hour, I take another two nutmegs, one dry, the other in water, totaling about (did not measure, going by pkg. weight) 10g. It still seemed like nothing much was happening, so I figured I'd wait it out for a while and then hit the hay. I went on the comp. for a while until I started feeling a mild intoxication around 0.30. Decided it was time to do something else and put on Jimi Hendrix. After this, things get a bit fuzzy.

I became disoriented and paranoid soon after. The disorientation was mildly pleasant, and I was drifting in and out of sleep with vivid dreams. Sudden sounds, like doors or windows closing seemed unduly loud and unpleasant. The disorientation became worse, I could discern no hallucinations other than the disquieting effects of my disorientation. My eyes began losing their focus, and I started feeling very tired at around 2.00. Subsequently went to sleep.

I can only repeat what others have already said: plan ahead. I was asleep until 14.00 that afternoon. I woke feeling insanely dehydrated, nauseous, faint, dizzy, nigh unable to get up. I figured the nutmeg had had a dehydrating effect, and went to drink some water. As I had had nothing with the nutmeg the night before but 2 glasses, I drank about 5 cups. Twenty minutes later, feeling more nauseous, I vomited those 5 cups of water again. All this time I had trouble walking, getting up, or doing just about anything else. Hot extremities, blurred vision, upon getting out of bed feeling as if I was going to faint. I kept drinking water and sleeping intermittently; I was unable to interact on any meaningful level. Like other people have noted, I also felt anomalies in my heart rate, felt like my heart was beating far too quickly, and felt highly unpleasant strain in my chest. I had the occasional pounding of the head, reminescent of a good old hangover.

Anyways, I ended up sleeping till about 10.00 the next day. I'd say I was incapacitated for good 36 hours. Right now, it's been around 42 hours since ingestion. I still feel weak, have trouble focusing, and am drinking lots and lots of water. It feels similar to the latter stages of a hangover with little sleep - no headache, but the same overall drowsiness.

In short, this should be a cautionary tale - I didn't get anything out of it except 48 hours of feeling shitty. Maybe that's attributable to the dose, maybe to individual factors. Should I ever, in the interests of science, take nutmeg again, I'll definitely lower the dose, drink more water, and leave more time for it all.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25897
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 19, 2007Views: 8,915
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Nutmeg (41) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Health Problems (27), Hangover / Days After (46), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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