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Trial and Error
Citation:   Scientist_D. "Trial and Error: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp65969)". Dec 5, 2021.

2 Tbsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
September 2007
Dose: 2 Tblsp Fresh Ground

I have attempted to asses the psychoactive effects of Nutmeg on three separate occasions now, with the latest try having the best results. I decided to try eating Nutmeg, like many others, from reading about it on the internet and totally not believing that a spice that everyone has in their drawers can get them high.

But it can!

On my first attempt (about 3 months ago) I measured out about 10 g of Nutmeg. Unfortunately the scale I was using was only accurate to 5 g, so I have no idea what the actual mass of Nutmeg was although I think it was on the lower side. I downed this stuff with about 2 L of lemonade, and it tasted really, really awful, super bitter. After about 2 hours, I “kind of” felt something, although it never really turned into anything. This continued until it got slightly stronger as I was going to bed at 12:30 (I had taken the Nutmeg at about 12:00 noon.)

My second attempt was slightly better, me and a friend “R”, made “Space Paste” from the recipe on this site. I would not recommend it, the taste was unbelievably bad, much worse than Nutmeg on its own. I had difficulty getting even 2 tablespoons of Space Paste down, literally one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted. This produced effects within 45 minutes, although they were very mild… Similar to the effects of marijuana, except not nearly as good. But my eyes were a little bit red, and I was very tired. Myself and R deemed this attempt “unsuccessful”, he had about the same amount as I did and didn’t feel any effects at all. The effects gradually faded to nothing, but then randomly reappeared by about 11:30 at night (12 hours later) and my eyes were BRIGHT red.

My third was successful. This time I decided to go all out. So at 5:20 on Saturday, I mixed two full heaping tablespoons of ground Nutmeg with a bowlful full of melted chocolate. It was actual bearable (not good, but eatable.)

At T+0.30~1.00 – I can feel similar effects to my second attempt: lethargy, feeling spacey, kind of “out of it.”

At T+4:00 – I have come sharply up, this is starting to feel almost identical to being stoned on pot brownies. It is actually very pleasant, I’m enjoying closing my eyes and feeling forced back into the couch, sounds are very pleasant to the ear. My throat is pretty dry and eyes are definitely bloodshot.

At T+4:45 – Apparently motor control is affected a little bit (I kind of fall down the stairs, and skin my elbow.) Still feeling really stoned, and have some pretty blurry vision. Effects are still similar to be stoned on weed (except not QUITE as good.)

At T+5.30~6.00 – Starting to feel fairly uncomfortable, still at plateau and showing no signs of coming down. I try to read a book, but am unable to concentrate on the words, so I just go to bed.
I try to read a book, but am unable to concentrate on the words, so I just go to bed.
Sleeping is fairly difficult, my heart rate it pretty high.

At T+6.30 – This is probably when I’m the highest, and it really feels pretty awesome, I just feel like all is well and content in the world.

At T+18:00 – When I wake up I can tell I’m still kind of stoned – mostly just slow and out of it, but not anything that can’t be dealt with.

Overall: pretty fun experience, I never once felt really uncomfortable, the cotton mouth is easy enough to deal with and I had no nausea or any of the other bad side effects at all. I would recommend trying it, it’s kind of fun.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65969
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 5, 2021Views: 881
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