Kratom (also Mitragyna speciosa) Reports - Addiction & Habituation
Addiction & Habituation
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Highly Recommended Detox in Three Stages Transmigraine Methadone, Kratom & Ibogaine 2010 Aug 18
Recommended I Was Taking It Just to Feel Normal Plurp Kratom 2018 Jun 07
Recommended How I Quit Davion Kratom 2018 Feb 22
Recommended The Quit Smoking Usig Kratom Story SeroZero Tobacco & Kratom 2014 Sep 17
Recommended An Unexpected Love Affair Yolk Kratom 2014 Jan 23
Recommended Finally Free Entropy Heroin, Opioids (Oxycodone, Methadone, Suboxone) & Kratom 2010 Nov 26
Recommended Withdrawal Without Cravings Daath Kratom 2007 Jul 30
Recommended An Odd Occurrence Xorkoth Cannabis & Kratom 2007 Mar 02
Recommended Subversive Herb - A Follow-up Report Xorkoth Kratom 2005 Oct 14
Recommended Me, My Brain, Ketamine, and a Miracle K-ally Ketamine (withdrawal from Kratom/Opioids) 2005 Mar 30
From Shambles to Sanity Scleris M. Kratom 2022 Aug 07
The Green Inferno uviol Kratom 2020 Sep 17
Subtle But Beyond Amazing Old Head Kratom 2019 Apr 06
Probably Should Have Avoided It jon Kratom 2018 May 03
My Saga of Addiction Captainbutternet Kratom 2018 Mar 26
Precipitated Withdrawal The Weez Naltrexone & Kratom 2018 Mar 09
I Will Overcome Bum Style Kratom 2011 Jan 09
Retrospective of Useful Semi-Habituation Seaborg Kratom (15x extract) 2007 Aug 14
The Nightmare of Detox BB Kratom Leaves 2007 Mar 12
It's Good... Too Good Jojoba Kratom 2006 Sep 28
Helped with Opiate Withdrawal BB Kratom 2006 Aug 20
Addict's First Foray Andi Kratom 2005 Dec 28
This Thing Is a Secret Zoop Kratom 2005 Oct 20
On and Off the Grog gomaos Kratom 2003 Jan 22
Tea Time with Cookies Jan T Kratom 2022 Nov 08
Filter the Grit Nautapsyco Kratom 2022 Feb 08
Faced With a Full Week of Withdrawal Drenzie Kratom 2021 May 07
The Best W/D Reliever PhilBetter Kratom 2021 Jan 18
Interaction Nausea Omnis Kratom & Cigarette 2020 Jul 18
Withdrawals and Insomnia vapman Kratom, Tramadol, Coffee & Cannabis 2019 May 18
The Relief of Not Being Dopesick M.S. Kratom (extract) after Heroin 2018 Oct 21
Relaxation, Euphoria and Addiction November Kratom & Tobacco 2018 Apr 21
Overcoming Terrible Opiate Withdrawal deephouse412 Kratom (after Heroin) 2018 Apr 18
Using to Ease Opiate Withdrawal WDender Kratom (Maeng Da) 2018 Apr 17
And Withdrawal Symptoms Get Worse Claire Kratom (Bali) 2018 Mar 24
Nice, But Possible Long-Term Side Effects Contrabandit Kratom 2018 Mar 21
I Am Happy Being in Control Again Sunshine Kratom (as Tramadol substitution) 2018 Mar 20
Best Thing for My Pain I Have Ever Found Lloyd Kratom & Tramadol 2017 Nov 28
To Try as a Substitute for Opiates Bill C. Kratom 2017 Nov 13
The Mud Of Life Gooch Kratom 2016 Aug 22
Withdrawal Made Easy Iamnotanoob Hydrocodone, Kratom, Loperamide & Diphenhydramine (for oxycodone withdrawal) 2016 May 06
Tapering Off With Little to No Withdrawal Fenix Kratom and Phenibut 2014 Jan 23
Light Withdrawals From Tea Efraim Ivener Kratom 2014 Jan 23
Severe Withdrawals from Tincture danyv1782 Kratom 2014 Jan 23
Next Time a Controlled Weaning the good doctor Kratom 2014 Jan 23
Who Needs Ibogaine, When There's Kratom? Blinkenlichten Kratom for Oxycodone Withdrawal 2010 Feb 09
Quitting and Withdrawal Susan Kratom 2007 Jun 27
New Dependence Anonymous Kratom Leaves 2007 Jun 25
I Was a Junkie Dr. Robert Kratom 2006 Mar 15
Recovery from Addiction Zoop Kratom & Buprenorphine 2006 Feb 21
A Miracle for Withdrawal Chris Opioids & Kratom 2005 Oct 10
Withdrawal Trials BJ and the Ninja Kratom ('super' powdered leaf) 2005 Mar 18
For Opiate Withdrawal Alias Kratom ('Super Powder') 2005 Feb 16
kraptom Pad Thai Kratom (extract) 2004 Mar 18
Severe Nightmares When Taken Before Sleep Kratomuser Kratom 2021 Oct 08
Better Than Two Hydrocodone feelinggood Kratom & Sceletium tortuosum 2021 Jun 02
Balanced Energized and Now Worried Triple R Kratom 2020 Dec 21
The Most Delicious Way to Get Off Opiates Home Krohn Kratom 2020 Oct 27
To Free Myself From Opiates Asaurus Kratom & Ketamine 2020 May 15
Very Nice Medicine Ope_Head Kratom 2018 Aug 22
Fun in Moderation Person Kratom (15X Extract) 2018 Aug 21
Withdrawal Made It Not Worth It Antidote Kratom 2018 May 15
The Best Cure Ever Chris Kratom 2018 Apr 25
Nothing to Fear! Sleepyeyeguy Kratom 2018 Apr 18
The Benefits kratom420 Kratom 2018 Apr 11
Hit and Miss hereandthere Kratom & Alcohol 2018 Mar 25
The Black Dragon and Road to Recovery Clever Buprenorphine, Imodium & Kratom (for Heroin Withdrawal) 2018 Mar 13
I Paid for My Pleasure in Withdrawal Joe Sixpack Kratom 2018 Feb 19
Addicted and Desperate to Quit Bill Kratom 2014 Sep 18
Walk in the Park Withdrawal gerr5150 Kratom 2014 Jan 23
Withdrawal is Horrendous UK Patient Kratom 2005 Mar 11
It's a Life Saver mrs. heroin junky Kratom 2020 Jan 22
Addiction to It Is Pretty Dammnning Euphoric Marine Kratom 2018 Aug 21
I Don't Get Valuable Insights From This A_Citizen Kratom 2018 Apr 29
Opiate Soup Big_Griff Kratom & Heroin 2018 Apr 21
Tree of Strength Noltern Kratom 2018 Apr 17
A Cautionary Tale Klint Kratom 2018 Mar 07
Withdrawal Was Bad but Not Overwhelming bob Kratom 2017 Nov 24
Withdrawal Can Be a Bitch Speciosalist Kratom 2016 Feb 23
Helps Kick Opiate Withdrawal ericgwiz Kratom 15x Extract 2014 Jan 23
Dangerously Addictive anon Kratom 2008 Feb 25
Withdrawal Symptoms anonymous Kratom 2004 Aug 29

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