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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Was Orange Sunshine actually ALD-52? zXurgan Mar 14 2016
Is LSD available in 2014 on the black market? Ronson Feb 27 2014
Can LSD be brewed into beer? Ben Mar 20 2011
What is the molecular weight of LSD tartrate? A PhD Pharmacologist and Chemist Feb 3 2010
Is vaginal administration of LSD effective? Mary Cane Nov 26 2009
Can you tell me the strength and origin of a specific hit of blotter? SIID Jul 29 2009
Is alcohol contraindicated with LSD? Mike May 4 2009
How many LSD molecules in a hit of LSD? sheldon Dec 27 2004
What does the 25 stand for in LSD-25? Anonymous Mar 1 2004
Does LSD make your brain bleed? Stephanie Nov 13 2002
How can one test LSD to see if it's real? LSD Nov 8 2002
Has blotter gone down in average potency over the last few years? Ramdas Oct 27 2002
Was LSD laced with strychnine in the 1960s? Syrinis Aug 2 2002
What is blotter paper? cidhead Nov 30 2001
Can psychedelics cure allergies? gene Nov 8 2001
Can LSD be absorbed through the skin? Harpua Nov 7 2001
How is LSD blotter used/ingested? tree_sap_man Nov 6 2001
Could cocaine be used to stabilize a difficult LSD experience? m@x Sep 20 2001
What does ego-loss mean in regards to an LSD experiences? DuckNucks Jul 17 2001
Is LSA sold as LSD? Joint Apr 16 2001
Does moldy rye contain a form of lsd? kevin Mar 28 2001
Is there a difference between 'Acid' and 'LSD'? Philip Mar 28 2001
Is LSD dangerous with Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome? Cyrax6 Mar 20 2001
Can you taste LSD or identify it in any other way? RedEyedDragon Feb 8 2001
'How do LSD and mescaline compare?' San Pedro Jan 7 2001
'How does LSD work?' Ford Perfect Jan 7 2001
Is it possible to smoke LSD? Dopy Jan 6 2001
Is it possible to take LSD through the eyes? Ro Jan 5 2001
'Has there been a decline in the use of psychedelics in the last few years?' scooter Dec 21 2000
'Do you have specifics on the case of the 5 year old girl accidently dosed wi... george (curious) Dec 13 2000
'Is it possible to cultivate Ergot on Marijuana?' Ro Dec 12 2000
How long after ingesting LSD is it safe to breast feed? julie Dec 4 2000
Is LSD water soluable (eg. will putting blotter in a drink be effective)? CA26 Dec 3 2000
Has LSD/acid ever killed some one from the direct effects? Luke Powell Nov 9 2000
'What are the effects, health concerns, and duration of high-dose acid trips?' jason Oct 31 2000
'Can a spinal tap detect past drug use?' wfc Sep 30 2000
How do I test for strychnine in LSD? Z28 Sep 29 2000
'Is mixing cannabis with banana or green apple effective? Does vitamin C enha... drascovich Aug 23 2000
'Does LSD affect your basic judgement?' Badtripper Jul 19 2000
'Can one make LSD from Foster's beer?' buffsk8er Jul 2 2000
'Does LSD use show up in a spinal tap?' lsd Apr 17 2000
'How should I go about taking LSD for the first time?' #0 Mar 23 2000
'What are the effects of LSD and MDMA when taken together?' Marco Feb 27 2000
'Does LSD stay in your system forever?' scott Feb 16 2000
What is the best way to store LSD and how long will it last? cody Dec 6 1999
'Can LSD cause miscarrages?' anja Nov 23 1999
'What is the frequency of LSD in hertz, using infrared spectroscopy or other ... Del Nov 14 1999
'Is there an easy way to synthesize lsd-25?' crazy Nov 5 1999
'Can LSD show up as anything else on a drug test?' James Sep 22 1999
'Can LSD be detected by a standard drug test? If so, how for how long?' Z Aug 26 1999
Do drugs like MDMA, Coke, and LSD affect an unborn fetus? Sy Hall Jun 27 1999
'Help, I'm experiencing symptoms from LSD or cannabis used more than 4 months... Jem Clancy May 26 1999
Can Mescaline come in a small pill, or is it LSD? Erowid May 19 1999

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