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Q: Can LSD be absorbed by anything? Like door- knobs, remote controls, etc. Many of my freinds use LSD and I am afraid of coming into contact with this substance. Any info you can give me would help me out alot.

A: Because LSD doses are quite small, it is possible that enough material could be absorbed through the skin to produce effects. More of an issue is the absorption of LSD through mucous membranes such as the nose, mouth, or eyes. A person who gets LSD on their hands (generally only an issue with liquid LSD) and then touches their mouth or nose, or rubs their eyes, could absorb some of it.

Regarding your friends who use LSD: the chance of any appreciable amount getting on furniture and then being transmitted to you is quite small. The primary reports of this type of accidental transference are in places where LSD is being manufactured or large amounts of liquid LSD are being handled, placed on blotter, etc. In these cases, large enough quantities might be present to more easily be absorbed through the skin.

Asked By : Harpua
Answered By : Sophie
Published Date : 11 / 7 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 9 / 19 / 2002
Question ID : 2838

Categories: [ LSD ]

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