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Q: I have been thinking about trying acid for a while and I believe I am ready now. I have read a lot about it, especially trip experiences. I have a few questions which I'd like your opinion on. I plan to trip with another first-timer, a regular tripper, and some one who isn't going to trip. I was thinking maybe I should only try a half of a tab, do you think this is a good idea or worth it?

Also, since I have read a lot of other people's bad expriences, naturally when I take the acid I will be thinking about the possibility of having a bad trip, do you think this will cause me actually to have a bad trip? i think if I only take a half of a tab and the experience gets difficult, it won't get too bad because of the small dosage. the person i got it from said it's good acid and that i should just take 1 tab, but i want to try just a half. i know this letter was sort of confusing, but if you could please just give me your opinions or something i'd appreciate it, thanks.... -

A: You seem to have thought this through very well. If you feel like you should start with half a tab, then you should definitely do so. Dont let anyone else talk you into doing more than you feel comfortable with and are ready for. Many people recommend doing a half dose the first time one tries any material in order to determine its effects and strength for you. Effects can vary greatly from person to person and there are people for whom 1/2 tab is plenty. It's always better to underdose than overdose.

The biggest contributor to a bad trip is anxiety, and the spiral logic that can occur within a person on LSD. However, acknowledging and being aware of the possibility of a difficult trip and understanding that this does sometimes happen can help steer you away or at least let you come to terms with it if it does happens. Knowing that people sometimes trip out and think that its never going to end should help put such thoughts to rest if they pop up (for you should also know that people eventually come down). And dont worry, just about everyone, including experienced tripper, can get feelings of anxiety as it is coming on.

You seem to be making a responsible, intentional choice, and I commend you on that. Having a sober sitter is an excellent idea, especially for a first experience. I believe your preparation will help you greatly and your trip should go fine.

Asked By : #0
Answered By : psilo
Published Date : 3 / 23 / 2000
Last Edited Date : 3 / 23 / 2000
Question ID : 144

Categories: [ LSD ]

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