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A large number of questions are submitted to Ask Erowid each day. We are only able to answer a small portion of them. The more time and care you take in researching and writing your question, the more likely we are to choose it to answer. But please understand that even well written questions may not be answered due to lack of time or knowledge among our crew.

  • We cannot answer questions about how or where to acquire substances whether legal or illegal, so don't ask.
  • If the answer to your question is already available on the site, we are unlikely to answer it here... so please search Erowid carefully for the answer first. In some cases finding the exact data you're looking for may require skimming a number of pages for an answer.
  • We are constantly adding new info... make sure to check back in the area you're interested in to see if your question has been answered in updates.
  • Erowid cannot answer questions which would facilitate specific future illegal activities. Conspiracy laws in the United States make it illegal to knowingly provide assistance in the commission of a crime (including answering questions or providing information).
In order to help you find already existing answers and to help sort incoming questions, please select the appropriate category for your question from the list below.

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