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Q: Does LSD affect your basic judgment? When you are on acid do you still know that all you experience is due to the drug and do you still understand that jumping out of a window kills you? Can you (during the trip) prevent such accidents with your will power?

A: First and formost I will say that LSD is a strong psychedelic and can definitely affect your basic judgement. How much it affects your basic judgement and your sense of reality is based on several factors. Probably the most important factor is the amount taken. At lower doses it is generally possible to bring yourself mostly out of the experience by an act of will. However, the next important factors, your mindset and personal mental characteristics certainly will play an important role in determining this. This is one reason why I feel that younger people should avoid psychedelics until they feel mentally and personally stable enough to handle such an (often) intense experience.

Some people seem to have a personal protection built into them that even on higher doses prevent them from doing things that may harm themselves. Others seem to have no such protection mechanisms and even on low doses are in danger of harming themselves. If you do decide to take something, it is extremely important to research its effects and slowly learn how it reacts with your body and mind in particular. Always start at low doses and work your way up. Be with people you trust in a safe environment.

If you are concerned that you will jump out of a window or walk into trafic, be sure to set up your experiences so that these things are not possible. You cannot account for all variables, but you can work to create a good settings and mindset so that you minimize risks. One of the safest things to do is to work with a trusted trip sitter. Having someone sober on hand can go a long way towards making an experience safe.



Asked By : Badtripper
Answered By : psilo
Published Date : 7 / 19 / 2000
Last Edited Date : 7 / 19 / 2000
Question ID : 166

Categories: [ LSD ]

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