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Is LSD water soluable (eg. will putting blotter in a drink be effective)?
Q: Would it work if i throw a lsd tab into a glass of water and then drink it? Would other beverages (such as alcohol, orange juice, or whatever) be better? Can i store lsd in this way?

A: It most certainly will work. LSD dissolves very well in just about any liquid, including water and alcohol, hence the famous stories of electric kool-aid and so forth.

LSD can definitely be stored in solution. For longer term storage, liquid LSD is generally made by dissolving LSD in alcohol. While it will dissolve just fine in water, it will also degrade relatively quickly unless the water is ultra-pure. There are two reasons for this...LSD degrades in the presence of oxygen, and generally speaking, most water is going to contain enough oxygen to cause noticeable degredation. Second, LSD is destroyed on contact with chlorine. Almost all tap water, and even some bottled water will contain some chlorine. Distilled water is the least likely to contain chlorine, but alcohol (of the highest proof available) will cause the least amount of degredation.

Asked By : CA26
Answered By : flotsam / fire
Published Date : 12 / 3 / 2000
Last Edited Date : 7 / 9 / 2001
Question ID : 226

Categories: [ Chemistry ] [ LSD ] [ Storage ]

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