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Can LSD be brewed into beer?
Q: I'm a professional craft brewer and an amateur psychonaut curious about the effects of beer on the stability of LSD. Myself and a few coworkers trip every few months and were thinking of brewing a beer at home (obviously only for private consumption!) and dosing each bottle with a few hits of acid. I was planning on just adding 3 hits of blotter to each 12 oz bottle, racking the beer on top, and bottle conditioning it.

My concern is that a beer environment may degrade or destroy the LSD making the beer a lot less fun to drink when it comes time for our next trip. Do you think beer or any of its constituents would damage the LSD molecules? The blotter would be in a roughly 7% ABV beer with high levels of CO2 and citric acid (we're doing a grapefruit IPA as grapefruits are our favorite thing to eat mid-trip). Am I worrying too much? The bottles would remain sealed and chilled for a few weeks prior to the actual trip.

A: After a lot of thought and discussion, we can only say that while we don't know of any obvious reason why this wouldn't work, we can't say that it would either. LSD is a fickle molecule and is prone to degrade for various reasons, mostly exposure to light, which causes it to form the inactive lumi-LSD. The only obvious reason to say that the LSD may degrade is the pH level of your beer. The grapefruit juice may actually be the biggest problem with LSD-spiked beer.

There are other issues as well. Though you say that this would obviously be only for personal consumption, storing LSD in bottles that give the impression that they contain beer and beer alone is a dangerous thing to do. Were someone to accidentally consume one or more dosed bottle, they could be up for a serious scare. While moderate doses of LSD are unlikely to cause any physical harm, the psychological harm could be immeasurable. There's also the risk that someone might ingest it accidentally and get on the highway or need to be 'on duty' taking care of someone else by the time the effects kick in.

There's also the issue of dosing. It would be important to make sure that the dosage is correctly set so that one or two bottles were the correct dose of LSD. If you decide to proceed, you should make absolutely certain that the dosage is not too high and that the bottles are appropriately labeled in some way so that they could not be accidentally consumed.

Asked By : Ben
Answered By : Blacklight
Edited By : Fire, Earth
Published Date : 3 / 20 / 2011
Last Edited Date : 4 / 18 / 2011
Question ID : 3170

Categories: [ Chemicals ] [ LSD ] [ Alcohol ]

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