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Q: No matter how many times I take LSD, I still feel rather disgusted by the idea of eating paper. I've considered ingesting it by putting blotter paper in my vagina and then taking it out after 20 minutes. I can't find any information on Erowid or elsewhere about anyone having tried this. Would it be harmful? Would it even work?

A: We haven't heard much in the way of information about the efficacy of vaginal administration of LSD on blotter paper. Most people don't find the idea of eating blotter paper particularly problematic, and those who do usually hold the blotter in their mouth for a period of time (wetting it thoroughly, swirling it around, chewing it a bit, and holding it under the tongue against the skin for 5 minutes) before removing it so it is not ingested.

There is one experience report on Erowid that describes vaginal administration of LSD on blotter:

Unfortunately, none of the experiences described in this report were for LSD alone (most were combined with MDMA), but it seems to imply that the method was not as effective as oral consumption of an equal dose. The most likely reason for this is that the volume of liquid produced vaginally is much lower than compared to salivation, which may reduce the transfer of LSD off of the blotter paper and into the blood stream via the vaginal mucosa.

The risk of harm from introducing a hit of LSD on blotter paper vaginally is probably quite small, most likely consisting of minor skin irritation. But it's important to note that this is clearly in the realm of experimental administration methods. Be careful!

Asked By : Mary Cane
Answered By : Spoon, Fire
Published Date : 11 / 26 / 2009
Last Edited Date : 11 / 24 / 2009
Question ID : 3138

Categories: [ LSD ] [ Health ]

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