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Difficult Experiences
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Highly Recommended The Legend of the Stuffed Banana Uneven LSD & Cannabis 2007 Nov 30
Recommended Brief Psychosis Budman DOC 2013 Jan 10
Recommended Hospital Hell Porridge Mushrooms 2012 Aug 25
Recommended 3 Weeks In Its Reality Oliver Brugmansia 2006 Sep 03
Recommended A Bad Trip that Lead to Jail Bad Choices Dimenhydrinate 2006 Jul 05
Recommended Back to 1999 Mesqualero LSD 2006 Apr 30
Recommended From Earth to Heaven Then Down to Hell Pangenator Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2006 Apr 22
Recommended Getting To Know Me Yoschie LSD 2006 Mar 06
Recommended Surviving Law Enforcement Interrogations Alkaline Drug War Interrogation 2003 Jul 09
Wildest Night Ever Great B Brugmansia 2012 Nov 03
7 Cops and One Bad Trip Seti DOC & Cannabis 2011 Aug 19
Uniquely Terrifying Experience Jesse LSD 2010 Mar 22
The Other Side of the IM Coin B. Rooney 2C-E 2008 Sep 29
Like LSD and PCP Mixed with Insanity J. Moore Scopolamine 2007 Oct 10
The Highway Crash Iroc AMT 2006 Jul 06
Such a Perfect Day Sydd Heroin 2006 Apr 21
Help, My Husband is Trying to Kill Me CJ Crack 2003 Nov 06
On 15 Mg, With the Police in My Rearview... Dre Bledsoe Alprazolam 2020 Jan 24
The Most Confusing Night of My Life Robocodeine Clonazepam 2019 Mar 17
Fun Until I Thought I Was Going to Die tj MDPV, Sleep Deprivation, & Police 2017 Feb 24
Be Careful With this Drug Scared for life 25C-NBOMe 2016 Jun 25
First Time Bad Trip - Although Enlightening T.E. 2C-P 2011 Dec 15
Now I'm a Criminal Medstudent2020 Datura 2007 Mar 17
Worst Experience of My Life Not Jeff Datura 2006 Aug 27
My Disassociated Adventure Fried Guy Datura 2006 Aug 27
Demons After My Soul Zop Mushrooms & B. caapi 2003 Jul 16
Stopped Reason J Police (Cannabis & Alcohol) 2003 May 27
Mistakes Pay a Heavy Price shwobo 2C-B & Alcohol 2022 Sep 24
I Thought I Was Experienced jykkE Heroin & Alprazola 2021 Aug 14
Most Known Unknown Drug never again Tramadol 2020 Sep 23
That's Not LSD BlueBomber *-NBOMe 2020 Jul 15
So Addicting... Dawn Cocaine 2019 Dec 22
I Couldn't Remember My Name or What Day It Was justsomedude GHB 2018 Dec 10
Total Ego Meltdown Tae 25I-NBOMe 2018 Oct 10
A Hell of a Night Bob joe LSD 2018 Sep 11
2C-Eternity Karma 2C-E 2018 Jul 13
I Barely Remember Anything About the Cops or Anything Happy Birthday! Clonazepam & Alcohol - Hard 2018 May 05
First and Last Trip Amante DMT 2017 Nov 21
The Best Trip ever... Ruined by Cops Wreckin Crew DMT & Cannabis 2021 Jun 21
Not a Fun Mix otc Alprazolam & Alcohol - Hard 2021 May 18
I Lost Myself PhatG 4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis 2021 Apr 21
Just a Bad Night Johnny Alprazolam & Alcohol - Beer 2020 Sep 21
I Got Arrested While Coming Up PM117 LSD 2020 Jun 04
Little Kid on the Pill Gina Paroxetine 2020 Feb 21
Good High at the Wrong Time Aaron Diazepam 2020 Jan 12
Total Blackout disgustipated Zolpidem & Alcohol - Beer 2018 Jul 26
Long Time User, All New Results Victorious Alprazolam (Xanax) 2018 May 22
One Way Trip to a DUI Ignis Alprazolam & Alcohol 2018 Mar 28
Cops Held Me Overnight Phil Smith Phenazepam 2018 Feb 11
Pulled Over and Pressured Istari Police 2004 Feb 29
Police and Blood Be Careful 5-MeO-DiPT 2003 Mar 31

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