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Brief Psychosis
by Budman
Citation:   Budman. "Brief Psychosis: An Experience with DOC (exp96802)". Jan 10, 2013.

1 hit oral DOC (blotter / tab)


I am choosing to write this trip report, after watching a very close friend of mine had an extremely negative reaction to the drug 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine (AKA DOC). I'm not sure if 'Psychosis' would be the word to describe it, but it is clear that his body/mind did not react to the substance in the same way everyone else had that was present at the time. We had all taken 1 'hit' of an unknown dosage of DOC blotter that was obtained through a trusted source.

Let me begin by stating that my intentions for this report are to get a better understanding of an extremely “Bad Trip” a close friend of mine experienced while on the chemical 4-Chloro-2,5-dimethoxy-Amphetamine. I am writing the report, as I was one of 4 other people present at the time, and one of 4 people that were on the same dose of the same drug as him (1 “hit” of DOC blotter paper). My experience with drugs is pretty thorough, especially in the area of psychedelics. I have had experience with DXM, Psilocybin Mushrooms, LSD, DOI, MDA, MDMA, N,N-DMT, 4-aco-dmt, and a few others I may have missed. My friend who had the bad experience (we’ll call him F) has had moderate experience with psychedelics including Psilocybin Mushrooms, LSD, MDA, and 2ci. In total there were 5 of us together that night, and I would say we are all close enough to consider each other family.

On to the experience, I will do my best to give accurate times for everything.

T+ 0:00 – The night starts like any other, a few friends (K, R, and myself) take a drive down to visit F, a very close friend that we haven’t seen in a while, and his girlfriend C. I’d say around 9:30pm we each ingested 1 hit of DOC blotter. It was obtained through a trusted source, but the dosage was something we did not know, so we figured 1 would be a safe starting point. K was the only person out of us who had tested this particular blotter, and had a very enjoyable experience though he mentioned having to “talk his friend down” a few times, who was also on 1 hit.

T+ 0:30 – I begin feeling “off”, getting mildly anxious about the experience that is ahead of me. Nothing too intense, but I can definitely tell that I have ingested a chemical, and it is working in my body.

T+ 0:50 – K walks outside and begins to puke, a few minutes prior he had stated that he was getting some pretty intense visuals already.

T+ 1:00 – I step outside to give K some company, and to get some fresh air because I was feeling uneasy. K mentions that he had thrown up, and almost immediately after hearing that I began to purge. The timing was very weird, to where we both considered it could have been placebo that made me feel sick.

T+ 1:10 – F steps outside, and asks K and I to come inside. I could tell he was a little uncomfortable with us being outside while tripping, but everything seemed normal. I was beginning to get some visuals at this point.

T+ 1:20 –I return inside to sit on the couch, I am not enjoying myself at this point, but I try to keep to myself to keep from making anyone feel uncomfortable. I have dealt with uncomfortable trips in the past, and this was no different at the time. I am experiencing the WORST muscle tremors from any drug I’ve ever ingested, they were non-stop mostly in my thighs/calves for at least an hour and a half.

From here on, I don’t keep much track of time, other than the occasional glance at the clock.

Soon after I return inside, K comes in as well. He looks like he is tripping pretty hard, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. F also seemed to be in the ordinary for a little while. At some point within the hour, F stripped down to his boxers, and jumped in my lap on the couch. I think this is when he got the look in his face that I could only describe as “Deer in the headlights with a big smile”. He was acting very odd, but I didn’t think much of it since I haven’t tripped with him much in the past, and we are VERY close friends, I figured he was just being funny. After sitting on the couch for a moment, he got up, and walked to the back of the house. He started pacing back and forth through the house at this point, and began saying things like “Holy Shit! I don’t know what the fuck is going on”. He didn’t really seem scared at the time, but just like he was having an insane time.

After things progressively got weirder with F, K pulled me out of the house, and told me that something was not right. At first I wasn’t sure how serious he was, but he started to point out that F was repeatedly going through his daily tasks. F enjoys playing World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty. He also is very artistic, and spends a good amount of time drawing. While pacing around the house, he would say something like “Dude, naw seriously I want to play World of Warcraft”, walk up to his computer, bang on a few buttons, click the mouse a few times, stand up and start pacing again. A few seconds later he would say something like “I need a cigarette” or “Let’s smoke weed!”, and try to walk outside. We would divert his attention away from the door so he would come back in, and he would instantly see something else and change his mind. “Dude I wanna play black ops” put his gaming headset on, pick up his controller, mash a few buttons... “Naw fuck that I need to eat”, he would walk to the fridge, grab a bottle of soda, take a swig, stick it back in the fridge, walk back into the living room, and start the loop all over. At one point, he said he wanted to hear some music, and when we turned it on, he started singing in a very loud high pitched voice, and playing the belly drum. I also remember him peaking out his window at this point, and saying 'call the police I don't give a fuck!!'. (this was before we had even spoken of calling anyone for help)

Each time he started the loop over, it would get worse, and he would seem to be more confused. At first when going to the fridge, he would just take a sip of soda, or grab a water bottle. Over time, he would take a sip of soda, then toss the bottle across the kitchen. The next time he returned to the kitchen, he pulled out a bottle of hot sauce, chugged a little of that, and threw that on the floor. This went on for over an hour until the house was covered in Queso dip, Fresh squeezed mango juice, water, hot sauce, and all sorts of other things. F has all tile floors in his house, so while in this state he is constantly slipping on the floor, falling over things, and at one point even ran across the house just to slide across the kitchen (What the fuck?!?!?!). Everything his eyes locked on, it seemed like he had to grab, and then toss across the room while yelling something. At one point he grabbed a pair of scissors, and yelled “I need to smoke this cigarette!”. He began running into walls, flipping over chairs, and slipping all over the floors, and none of this was enough to bring him out of this loop he was experiencing.

It was at this point that we decided we needed to call paramedics for help, the situation had escalated from being just really weird, to being dangerous. F was clearly not able to understand what was going on. We tried multiple times to tell him that he had taken a drug, and that he needed to relax. He would recognize who was talking to him, say something like “Dude I love you!” and immediately go back into his manic pacing loop pattern. We could not keep his attention for more than 5 seconds at a time, and the more we tried to restrain him, the more he seemed to get agitated. We tried to hold him in his bedroom as a last resort (I had told K earlier I thought it was a bad idea to hold him down, since he was not yet panicking), but this ended up with F holding K in a choke-hold trying to escape.

I called 911, and notified them of the situation, I told them we had all taken “Acid” (to avoid questioning), and were all on the same dose, but he had a much more serious reaction than us. When the cops arrived, we were holding the door shut from the outside to keep F from opening the door and running out, which he had tried multiple times by this point, the police asked us to open the door, and told F to step over. F immediately says “Naw seriously, fuck that”(a phrase he had been saying all night), he lunged toward a cop, and then about 8 of them proceeded to kick him and bring him to the ground. While being beat to the ground, he was still yelling the same nonsense he was while he was inside, he even blurted out “naw, fuck that lets smoke WEEED!” to the officers multiple times while battling them on the ground.

Eventually the ambulance arrived, and gave him some sort of shot to calm him down so they could put him on the stretcher. After the police left around 4am, we returned in the house to start cleaning it up. Almost all of the furniture was soaked in juices, or completely flipped over, there were cigarettes all over the floor, and nothing seemed to be where it belonged. We all tried to sleep once the sun came up, but I’m pretty sure nobody got more than 2 hours of solid sleep. Once everyone woke up, we began the search for F, we called all of the hospitals around to find him but could not locate him. Finally around 2pm we got a call from a hospital once F was able to remember his girlfriends phone number. We immediately went to visit him, and his first question to us was “what the fuck happened”. He did not remember anything at that point. He soon told us that when he woke up in the hospital, he was not able to remember his name, or where he was. By 7pm that night, we were on our way home with F, and he was in good spirits other than being bruised, and swollen from battling the cops.

After speaking with F for a few minutes, he came up with a little more information to add:

From my point of view I remembered getting really solid open eyed and closed eye visuals. The actions that were stated above while I was pacing around were as if I was on auto-pilot and can only recall very small instances. Almost a complete black out while having really vivid hallucinations. One's that I can describe, but probably shouldn't bother. Those things are a bit more personal, I suppose.

I woke up in the hospital, my estimated time was probably at 6-7am to see nurses and doctors standing around me laughing and throwing questions at me. What I took, where I was, what's my name, etc. Typical Dr's questions. But at this time, I was still 'tripping' seeing their faces distort, swivel, and mush together. Pattern's on their clothes dripping, etc. Much like an acid trip. As stated above, I could not recall my name, whereabouts, names, etc. I ended up being hooked up to an IV and catheter as well as being given constant vitals tests to check my heart rate (which was obviously high due to the amphetamine). I kept insisting that I was good to go and demanded to be released, which of course.. they weren't buying the story and only to be burdened with answer such as ' No you need to remain in the hospital until your vitals return to normal'. But eventually admitting that I could sign a waver to be released without the hospital being held accountable. Until about 2pm approximately 17 hours after the DOC was ingested. pupils totally dilated. A psychiatrist walked into the ICU to question my sanity, I passed. At around 3pm K, C, J, and R all arrived to the ICU to find me strapped to a hospital bed bound by my wrists because I was a threat to hospital staff. A couple hours go by with the nurses still testing vitals and questioning my sanity. Finally, progress is made when I'm moved to a different part of the hospital. By this time K, R, and J have been asked to vacate the ICU due to visiting hours being over. Only C (my girlfriend) got to stay.

At the other section of the hospital I was being watched by a single nurse that after a mere 30 minutes I asked the nurse if I could sign the waver to be released. Vitals appearing to be stabling, unhooked the IV and F signed my own release at approximately 6-7pm.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96802
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jan 10, 2013Views: 12,072
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