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Uniquely Terrifying Experience
Citation:   Jesse. "Uniquely Terrifying Experience: An Experience with LSD (exp80504)". Mar 22, 2010.

3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    smoked Cannabis  
Drug: LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)
Dose: Three Strong Blotters (Hiero's)
M.O.A: -- Oral
Duration: -- 12 Hours


In my past experiences with this drug, I've typically had a better ratio of good trips over bad ones, and I can honestly say I haven't had too many bad experiences until recently after I dropped this past weekend. I've now realized how fucking crazy acid is, and how any situation can turn out disastrous if you haven't taken the certain precautions to ensure a completely safe setting for the trip.

The Experience

Recently I've had a little trouble finding blotters but this weekend we had no problem getting them in which buddy and I bought and split, 10 tabs total. The tabs were very distinct in detail with multi-coloured hieroglyphics, they looked amazing. A few other friends decided they were also in for a treat, those people being Misty, Josh, and Lisa. As soon as we picked up the blotters Josh and I were immediately compelled to drop hoping they'd set in fast, we were so damn excited.

Within half an hour of having the tabs, it was 7:30, and Josh and I had ingested 3 tabs each inside of a nearby Dairy Queen. We walked around the mall for a bit hoping for the effects to kick in, waiting about a solid 45 minutes. Upon making our way to a seemingly long distanced park, we began to feel almost weightless and we both became completely silent. Everything was so calm yet I could hear brief odd sounds that sounded significantly loud throughout the entire park we were in. It felt as if someone a distance away was talking to me or I was overhearing topics of conversation, It was hella weird. At this point, we found it completely necessary to smoke a nice fat bowl of chronic, packing it full to the brim. We both agreed that this would definitely help with the onset of the trip, and shit.. did it ever.. Within a few minutes of smoking, I could tell I had begun to space out, Josh too.. and within a few hours we would unknowingly and entirely lose our grip on reality.

We stayed in the park for a while longer trying to comprehend what we were seeing; The most intensified visuals we had ever encountered. I sat on the bench staring into the abyss around me, watching everything transform and unify into millions of tiny, detailed fractals. The grass, the clouds, the tree's.. anything I could have imagined was spyralling infinitely, I could not believe my eyes. Standing up from the bench, we walked around really slowly, giggling with seriousness on our faces, not surely contempt with what we were witnessing. Countless thoughts were running through our minds. The world we have been living in, seemed to us was felt like everything that existed inside looked as if it were handmade, but alive this whole time. Still laughing and joking around, we thought It might be cool to try our luck on the swings. Within a few minutes we were swinging so high. With the acid was flowing through our bodies, complete with so much kinetic energy, it felt as if we were literally going fly away. I have never ever felt such a sensation all throughout my body like this before, i was completely mindblown.

After what had seemed to be atleast a few hours, it had been maybe an hour since talking to Misty and Lisa; They had been waiting about an hour after us to drop; I suggested they drop sooner than later for the fact that we didn't know the strength of the cid.. They didn't seem too worried and frankly neither did I.

At about 8:00 Misty and Steph arrived at the park and witnessed Josh and I completely looped out on the things we were seeing, not making any sense at all. They were WTFing. We hopped into Mistys car and headed in an unknown direction to us, asking over and over where we were going and when we were going to get there. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] At this point I was so fucked up while we were driving, I could see nothing but fractals everywhere, and almost everything sounded electronic in a sense, even our voices. We kept driving, dazing out and getting lost in our minds thinking, not knowing exactly what the fuck we were doing. All I could think about was the fact that Misty and Lisa had just dropped, and this is how fucked up we were.. We had to stop driving before they were as fucked up as us.. I looked over at josh and saw this distinct look of disbelief in his eyes. I couldn't believe it either.. we had never in our time of tripping had such intense visuals and mindfuck before, and let me say, I've dropped atleast 20+ times by now and I absolutely could not believe what I was seeing nor could I come up with the words to describe it.. I was Speachless.. as was Josh..

We continue to drive to this unknown location, and Josh begins to ask where the fuck we are repeatedly, once again. Misty replies saying we're going to Lynns while her parents are home.. As soon as Josh heard this he was utterly confused and panicked; We were going to his ex girlfriend's house while on Acid, this was not good at all.

After what felt like forever, and looping out so many times that we were completely lost, we arrived at our destination, realizing that we were in fact at Lynns, Josh's ex girlfriend. He seemed quite hesitant to be there but I didn't really think anything of it. We chilled inside, smoking a few huge bowls as they watched us trip out while we were so gone that they were laughing at us. The weed made us more confused and forgetful. All I could do at this point was stare into the visuals I was seeing with amazement. I looked at the carpet and all of designs spyralled into a complete set of intricate fractals that would never end, follwed by an extremely loud sound-loop into an electronic-like tunnel, or tube.. that lead deeper and deeper and echoed throughout the room as fractals grew with colour increasingly. I felt completely lost and didn't know what was going on. I look around as everyone but Josh and I are laughing and could tell by Josh's look he was starting to lose it, as was I. I remember sitting in this room, looking around everywhere contemplating existance, reasoning with everything in the room, as if everything had an understanding to it. Lynns brother came up to me and asked me if I wanted a beer. I was so fucked up and initially this kind of freaked me out because I was so looped out and could not fathom still, what was going on. I had the rankest body high ever imaginable and felt a huge rush of anxiety amplifying increasingly.

Everyone decided it would be a good idea to go for a little adventure, to take a walk to a nearby park, bringing a few drinks with us along the way. As we're walking I could tell josh was gradually getting more worried. Just the look on his face told me something was up.. but we continued to walk and trip. The walk felt as if hours had passed although it had only been minutes, and the patterns began to flow and replicate through and through, the ground rippling as we walk upon it, the most intense and unified unimaginal, NEVERending fractals like I had never seen before; It was fucked... The area we had been walking through, felt as if we had been there a thousand times before, multiple times over, which confused Josh and I a shitload. After what had probably been about a 10 minute walk, we arrived at Burger King, there were about 5 of us, and this is where things started to get out of control. Out of nowhere I completely forgot what the fuck we were doing, and why we were walking and where. Josh and I looked at each other, completely sketched asking each other where the fuck we were, we had no idea.

The 3 other people around us were now very worried about us but could not seem to communicate with either of us, nothing they were doing seemed to make any sense at all, they were just following us... Everything they said was complete mumbo jumbo, and neither could I or josh make out the words they were saying, however, we could understand each other quite well. I remember standing beside burger king, asking why we had come on this walk, asking everybody's side of the story, but it felt as if they were totally ignoring me. I actually come later finding out that they were actually really worried. As we looked around terrified with what was happening, I looked over at Josh and it seemed that everything around me was manifolding itself over and over again, I could not tell what was real and what was not. It was like i was seeing thousands of everything around me.. At the same time, the fractals were still completely visible and I honestly felt as if I were apart of these fractals, I would flail my arms techtonically, in sequence with all of the fractals surrounding me, It was like i was dancing automatically but was so deep in thought, I had hardly noticed i was doing this.. wow was it amazing. I cannot even fully describe what i felt, but the waves of body highs that came along were just incredible.

After enough freaking out, we all decide it's time to start heading back.. Josh was really sketching. As we were walking, I was trying to enjoy my trip but became increasingly worried about my buddy, he was really starting to lose it. We'd be walking and he became really pushy to get home, he was panicking to the point where he actually ran back to the house. Lynn went with him, and as did I.. trying to figure out what the fuck was going on, and whether josh was okay. I approached the house and saw josh standing on the porch hugging Lynn, he was terrified. Lynn was trying to talk to him, attempting to calm him down, which initially seemed to be working, but when i approached them to talk to Josh, she wouldn't let me.. This confused the shit out of me because I knew josh could understand me, and frankly I was the only one who he could understand, this he later told me. I kept asking Lynn why she would not let me talk to Josh, but she continued to ignore me and attempted to calm Josh down.

I could instantly tell by the things she was saying that she wasn't helping at all, she was just jumbling him up worse, confusing his shit. I remember Lynn asking josh if he wanted to go lay down in her bed... like the good ole' days, it was like she was trying to have her way with him, or so I thought in my mind. She told him to go inside and I tried to enter to, but she pushed me away, telling me not to come in. What the fuck. So i went into the backyard where everyone had settled, sitting on the deck talking about ordinary things, not at all about Josh having a bad trip. I sat down and continued to think, to comprehend what was actually happening. Suddenly Lynn's mother come's outside asking what the fuck is going on. She informs us that Josh is going mad, that they had called 911, and a squad car and an ambulance were on their way. This freaked me the fuck out, because everybody was acting completely normal, like nothing had happened, annd I still had two hits of this really fucking crazy LSD. I immediately got up trying not to panic but countless thoughts were going through my head, 'What the fuck am i going to do?', I was completely sketched out, and the cops were on their way. I instantaneously got up and ran to the front of the yard, panicking not knowing what to do.

Anthony was with me at this point, trying to chill me out. He assured me that people go crazy from acid all the time, that some people just can't handle it. His smooth talking helped, and i finally started to calm down... When out of nowhere a squad car pulls up to the house and both officers quickly get out. They ask where Josh is and i'm completely speechless.. I was wearing tie dye and my eyes were absolutely huge, like saucers. We clearly knew where josh was but i was too sketched and had to peace before they started questioning about where the acid came from, so Anthony says he has no clue where he is, and we slowly start to walk away from the house. This whole time i'm thinking about getting caught, so i calmly grab the tinfoil from my pocket and drop it on the ground. We stayed away from the house for about an hour as there was nothing we could really do at this point but talk it all out. Initially I was really sketched but all of these friends that I met that night, calmed me the fuck down. We walked around, talking about Josh and whether or not he'd be okay. It felt as if we thought he was going to die, I certainly thought he was, after I heard what had happened...

Meanwhile Josh is at the house, apparently saying he wants to kill everybody in the house, or so said Lynn. They took Josh outside and he sat waiting while they asked his name and address, which he could not remember at all.. Everything would have been fine if they left Josh be, it's a trip and we all know that it WILL eventually end. Lynn just initially panicked and called 911 although she shouldn't have. Anyways, the two cops walk up to the house and josh is hiding in the trees and bushes not wanting to come out. He keeps asking if he can just end it..get it all over with, and kill himself. The cops are completely shocked and try to assist him, talking to him calmly and asking about his trip. They attempt to grab his arm (mistake!) and he flips out, punching the first cop directly in the face as hard as he can.. The other cop runs up to approach him and also gets layed out. Out of nowhere he was complete with anger and frustration, still not knowing what was going on. He continued to fight back as they tried to calm him down, this still did not work. The quiet neighbourhood we had been chilling in moments ago, had all of the sudden turned for the worse. Everyone had come out of their houses, wondering what all of the ruckus was about, watching this gruesome scene unfold..

The initial squad car was having so much trouble with him that they had to call another squad car for extra backup. After a solid 45 minutes of fighting with Josh, They finally all wrestle him to the ground and cuff him, and at this point, he is wailing his head against the ground furiously. They get him into the back of the ambulance, still smashing his head into whatever he can, screaming 'I Just want Fucking Reality!' multiple times over. They finally get to the hospital and have a tremendous amount of trouble getting him inside, he is pissed the fuck off. Apparently he was fighting everybody around him, pushing or punching anything he could, even punched the boob of a nurse. They finally strap him down onto a stretcher and load him with a shitload of anti-psychotics. They proceed to ask him who he was, where he lived, where he got the acid and so on, but he had no clue at all. Josh was so fucked up from the drugs they had given him that he had passed out for about a day and a half..

This night will always stick with me and It was probably one of the most terrifying experiences I've ever encountered. I'll always remember the night I possibly could have lost a friend; I think about it all the time. After we had finally realized that Josh was probably going to be okay, but still sketching, we all went home to think about the bizarre events that occured. I, myself had a shitload of trouble sleeping.. In fact, I think I only got a couple hours because of the acid being so strong, I was completely awake the whole night. It was like my body was sleeping, but my mind was racing constantly. When i awoke, it felt as if i was still tripping and I hadn't gotten a single wink of sleep. I got my shit together at 8am and headed off to work. The whole day as I worked, I could recall everything that happened the previous night before.. I could fast forward and rewind through the ordeal, trying to understand where we had went wrong. I thought about what would have happened if we hadn't gone to Lynn's.. It all made sense.. It felt as if I had figured it all out, the reason for Josh having a bad trip was because of his ex girlfriend..

Although at first it wasn't too awkward being there, I gradually realized how much she confused the shit out of him, and that she was in fact, the reason for this terrifying night. Of course she tried to help him, but obviously didn't realize that he was on ACID, and that everything could have and WOULD have been completely fine if she had initially let him be.

Josh got out of the hospital just a couple days later, he was completely fine other than all of the cuts and bruises all over him. I was so relieved, although I wish i could have done more to help my friend, there was literally nothing I could have done. I've tripped with him so many times that I could not imagine anything like this was possible. I honestly think that going to Lynn's played a major factor in Josh having a bad trip, even though we did take a lot of acid..Nothing could have prepared me for this night. It felt as if the meaning of Life had been ripped apart, and placed back together piece by piece... understanding everything clearly in the end. I have never tripped so hard in my entire life. It was definitely an experience I'll never, ever forget. Although this night scared the shit out of me, it taught me a great deal of valuable lessons. Always know your limit.. Test the waters first before diving straight in, you never know what you're getting yourself into, I surely didn't.. I definitely tested my luck that night.. And for FUCK Sake, don't go to an ex girlfriends house on Acid.....

Oh yeah, And of course i went back and got the acid later on :) ha ha

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80504
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 22, 2010Views: 8,687
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LSD (2), Police / Customs (60) : Second Hand Report (42), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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