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The Best Trip ever... Ruined by Cops
DMT & Cannabis
by Wreckin Crew
Citation:   Wreckin Crew. "The Best Trip ever... Ruined by Cops: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp69732)". Jun 21, 2021.

  smoked DMT  
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


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Well it was right after school I was looking forward to chilling, and smoking some weed since I hadn't smoked in about a month. I went to this kids house where all the local stoners go I had been there once before so I didn't really know the kid but I went with my friend. We knocked on the door and he answered it and led us into the basement ciggarette butts were scattered about and the smell of weed was strong. Down in the basement were two girls one I had seen in school but never talked to, and one I had never seen before. They said they were cousins.

I asked if I could have greens and my friend agree. At this point I had only agreed to smoke weed not DMT. So anyways my friend loads up a nice sized bowl. and I smoke it and hold it in for a few seconds it was really harsh but I didnt think anything of it since I had taken a break from smoking (because of lack of money not me wanting to quit).

After a few minutes I started feeling a weird feeling. I thought it was weed since I hadn't smoked in a while. Then all the sudden the true effects came on that I can't describe all I can say is that it was fun! I didn't want to say anything about the intense sensation I didn't want anyone to think I was a wuss for being blown away so hard by only weed. Then all the sudden the kid whose house it is opens up the garage door and it was bright as hell. The darkness of the garage made it seem like night so I forgot that it was day. The daylight made me happy for some reason all the colors coming at me from the warm spring day. I was thirsty as hell so I convinced everyone that we should go get a drink, I had my friend pay for me since he had dosed me with DMT which I appreciate but I still wanted to convince him to get me a drink. By this time the two girls had left and we were going to meet up with them in a local park right next to the house we were at.

We started walking and I was tripping I am not precisely sure how long it has been since the smoking of the DMT but I would say under 15 minutes. We walked through the park and there were three cops parked there I was scared as hell. I saw them searching through a bag and one of my friends asked what they were doing. They just said getting some shade. No one else saw the bag they were searching, which is kind of ironic since I was the only one on DMT. When we got to a part of the park deeper in the woods we waited for the two girls and they came out of the woods a few minutes later. Then we set out for a small market run by an Asian family. I was walking up the stairs away from the park into a small neighborhood looking down and then all the sudden I look up and a white van is right next to me. I got confused and wasn't sure if the van had been there the whole time. And I was still tripping and pretty fucking high. A woman gets out of the car and yells at us. 'YOU ARE ALL IN TROUBLE EVERYONE ONE OF YOU! THE COPS ARE COMING! THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE IS A RUNAWAY!'

I am scared as hell and still fucking tripping. Then after a few minutes the cop comes up and I recognize him he is a complete asshole. He has us sit down on the curb and questions us. I look up at him and he looks back at me he looks suspicious but that just might have been my mind playing tricks on me.

He has the girl get up and handcuffs her. He says if anyone else knew about here being a runaway he would arrest them to. And by the way the bag that I saw was real it was the girl's bag who they were searching. And besides this unfortunate event I would do it again.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69732
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 21, 2021Views: 291
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